In Memory of Ellen Gilmartin – March 2020

Ellen moved to Five Oaks from Woodcroft in 2002.  The new Manager, Josh was hired by Five Oaks about the same time, and she walked over to the Clubhouse to welcome him, and ask if she could help in any way in the office ~~ stuff envelopes or anything!  *Anything* proved to be quite a lot of *everything*. She volunteered full-time for four (4) years, and then put on the payroll.  Ellen had retired from a busy pleasant New Jersey law firm after thirty (30) years, and applied her amazing talents to her work at Five Oaks.

Ellen Gilmartin

There was nothing going on at the Clubhouse in the way of social activity.  But it didn’t take too long to have a bustling Clubhouse with Bunco, Bingo, Poker, Knitting Classes, Waltz Classes, Tricky Tray, Gold Nights, Pot Lucks, Garage Sales, a List Serve, Dog Park,  Breakfast on Beechnut, Pizza Parties & Holiday Parties ~~ even published a Five Oaks cookbook for the benefit of our Swim Team.

Our Community is a delightful one.  Ellen has been blessed with good neighbors, as well as a Townhouse on the Lake.   She enjoyed the wildlife that visits our lake, and had fun reporting about them through the many years on the Listserve that she created before the days of Nextdoor.


She was asked to say something interesting about herself for this website and stated:

I was a ballroom dancer for thirty (30 years); maintained a dance telephone service called *Dial A Dance* (where to go dancing), and published a dance newspaper called *Footprints*.  Through the years I have been asked which dance was my favorite ~~ Quickstep, with the Waltz a close second.  I was obsessed!

We will always cherish the years of service that Ellen gave to her community.  Her spirit lives on in all of the successful events, programs and processes that she created.

Mark Morrison Donates Drone Photography!

Mark Morrison Donates Drone Photography!

Mark Morrison, grandson of longtime resident and our (Mark Morrison Donates Drone Photography!), Ellen Gilmartin, volunteered his expertise yesterday to get us some amazing drone shots of our Five Oaks property! See the photos below. Thank you so much, Mark!

Mark Morrison














Spring Cleanup at Five Oaks

Spring Cleanup at Five Oaks
(Stay tuned for our next Cleanup)

We have a large dumpster on-site at the clubhouse for members to use for discarding household refuse this week and through the weekend (or until it is full). It is exclusively for use by Five Oaks members only.

Please do not discard the following items into this dumpster: yard waste, construction debris, chemicals, cleaning products, television, electronics or flammables.

If it’s not trash, don’t toss it! Donate it!

BUT stay tuned! He’ll be back!

(Posted 5/9/2018)  Sorry everyone, our dumpster done did his duty,  He left Five Oaks with a full belly.