Five Oaks History

Five Oaks History a/k/a Tidbits
Five Oaks Lake
(approximately 10 acre lake)

Did you know that the Five Oaks Dam runs off into New Hope Creek- and New Hope Creek runs from Orange County into Jordan Lake? Did you know that Clark Lake, on the west side of the current Pope Road, across Route 40, is in its original position and is the main source of Five Oaks Lake water?  Interesting, eh?  It is believed that our Lake is a ten (10) acre lake and if you should take a walk around the entire lake, we have had several guesses that you would have walked a quarter of a mile. If anyone has walked around and knows the exact distance, please share that information with us by way of a Comment (scroll way down).  We know the Lake is man-made, and sometime after 1987, it was drained ~ but when and why?  Would you happen to know?  Do you have any old photos?  Again, please share this information by way of a Comment.

Aerial view of the Lake & surrounding area

Did you know that the Title to the Five Oaks property was granted and transferred to a developer known as Devonshire in 1975?  The Clubhouse followed soon after in 1976, and was built right smack in the middle of the now Rt 40 (built in 1976 and moved in 1984).  It is my understanding the developer Devonshire was in business until 1978.  Devonshire built our Communities of 4100, Butternut Road (the roads and curbs) and some of the current housing, and Pine Cone Drive to Farrington on the west, and to that point which is now the beginning of Pin Oak Drive on the west. It is believed that seven (7) houses on the north side of Butternut Road and five (5) houses on the south side were built before Devonshire declared bankruptcy. The entire south side of Pine Cone Drive was swampy, entirely uncleared of original vegetation, and with a small pond existing somewhere near the current dam area.

Although this is debatable, some of the long time Residents mentioned that Five Oaks was once a *gated* community? How about it? Can you contribute a *Did you know*?

Gated Community?  Posted by Marylu Flowers-Schoen from Five Oaks  (Mar 25, 2017):
Yep,  Five Oaks was a gated community. A gate house was on the left side of Old Chapel Hill Road entrance with three guards sharing 8 hour shifts. At that time, Pine Cone was a gravel path. When Abe Greenberg went bankrupt and Chase owned the mortgages, the homeowners decided not to pay salaries and benefits for three personnel and the gate was removed. Pine Cone was paved and we had two access roads. The gate house remained for many years (without a door and AC/Heat).  School kids used it as a bus stop shelter until it was removed because it needed too many repairs.

Clubhouse Architect:  Posted by Angela Duke (Five Oaks resident):
Donald Stewart designed the Five Oaks clubhouse (built in 1976),  as well as other buildings in the area including the old Chapel Hill Library and UNC’s Carmichael Auditorium. Donald, along with his wife Brenda, witnessed the moving of the clubhouse. They were earlier residents of Five Oaks and moved back to Five Oaks upon retirement. Donald passed away in August 2012, but Brenda continues to live in Five Oaks. 

To read more about Donald

Donald Stewart: 1926-2012 (Architect of our beautiful Clubhouse)
Packed, Jacked & On the Move (Jan 5, 1984)

Packed, Jacked & On the Move!:  The Clubhouse  was right in the path of the final link of I40, so the Five Oaks Association had it moved about a quarter of a mile east. It was a huge undertaking. The two story structure was jacked off its foundation onto big beams, then trucks were hitched under the building.  It was pulled by two trucks, and it called for careful driving ~ inasmuch as they had to match speeds to keep the building stable. In speaking with a long time Five Oaks member,  I was told one of the trucks had a few problem in doing so – engines burning out. They started to move the Clubhouse on a Monday and arrived at its present location four days later, on Thursday, January 5, 1984.  Kudos to Brewington House Movers of Dunn, NC – for a job well done! 

More on the Move of the Clubhouse:  Posted by Marylu Flowers-Schoen, long time resident of Five Oaks (Mar 25, 2017):
I am not sure what I know (or my mom who was one of the original folk); but to add to Mack’s  story when the clubhouse was moved,  all the decks were taken off to fit each half of building onto the truck,  and new ones built after it was in place.

Snack Bar & Very Strange!  Posted by Marylu Flowers-Schoen, long time resident of Five Oaks (Mar 25, 2017):
When I ran the Snack Bar at the Clubhouse, I was curious why there were light switches to nothing,  and copper plumbing to nothing ~ strange.  It was found that it was just easier to reconfigure with new plumbing and some electrics than to splice it all back together.

Stole Everything & again Strange! Posted by Marylu Flowers-Schoen (Mar 25, 2017):
Oh, and one more thing: I always wondered why some of the kitchen appliances were situated in the places where they were bolted down ~ strange.   The Clubhouse originally was open 24/7, and someone just backed in a truck and STOLE everything.

Five Oaks Logo

Five Oaks Logo:
Our Five Oaks name and logo was taken from five huge Oak Trees on Old Chapel Hill Road (cut down several years ago).

Four Communities:
We have four Communities within the Five Oaks Community (4100, Hickory Downs, Farrington, Lakeside; 4100 being the first homes built & the Pin Oak area the last (Pin Oak is the only Community with garages).   Each with their own Board, and, of course, the Recreational Association, which totals five Boards.  Unofficially, through the years, we have referred to the Pin Oak area as Lakeside 11, and Pine Cone, Beechnut, Pinyon as Lakeside 1.

(Our four Communities)

One of Last Units Built on Beechnut (on the Lake) ~~ near completion in 1987

In 1987 one of the last homes  (Lakeside 1) on the Lake was near completion (original owner is still the occupant).  Now, of course thirty-one years later (2018) you wouldn’t recognize it as the same house.  (Stay tuned:  revisit us here for a *before* and *after*).

Dog Park:
The Elma Thompson Dog Park was the last wish of a lovely long time resident (Beechnut Ln), and became a reality through the generosity of friends and neighbors.

More on our Dog Park

Bulletin Board & Bamboo Trees:
Have you seen our new BB (nestled near our Bamboo trees?)  And what about those Bamboo trees?  I have been curious about them for years.

Corner of Clubhouse Dr and Pine Cone (Installed Spring of 2018) Thank you Josh!

Our Kids’ Playground:
Our kids’ playground  was installed in the Spring of 2018, and sits on the lawn overlooking the Lake.
More on our Kids’ Playground:


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(posted by Ellen)





A Review of Five Oaks Events (always a work in progress)



May 19, 2018 Lunch Bunch:
The location, the food, the presentation, and the comradeship all blended together for yet another enjoyable Five Oaks Lunch Bunch at the Fusion Fish in Chapel Hill. We welcomed a new 4100 Neighbor; said *hello* to a few who had moved away, (so glad they keep coming back); some who returned from vacation or illness, and of course, our long time Lunch Bunchers. Thank you Ladies & Gents for a fun afternoon!  FULL CALENDAR OF FIVE OAKS EVENTS

May 19, 2018

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Community Saga (work in progress)


(a work in progress)

Our *Wandering* Pooch

(Jan 2018)  A large stray dog took up residence in the Five Oaks Community.  This stray found shelter under a porch or two, as well as in the old water treatment shed across the Lake.  This pooch appeared calm, confident and certainly *street smart*. Many of our neighbors, while walking their dogs, encountered him just standing and staring ~ not at them, but their dogs (friendly but kept his distance).  Not to be too anthropomorphic, he was wary of people, but it was apparent he yearned for canine companionship.  Through the many weeks he wandered loose around our neighborhood, and he met and made many friends/admirers.  One of his regular hangouts, with the guidance of Independent Animal Rescue (IAR), was his *feeding station*,  with many neighbors contributing kibble.  IAR was an extremely important player in this saga – providing and assisting with setting up a humane trap at the location of the feeding station. Through these weeks, he was also spotted on Farrington Rd, Durham Chapel Hill Rd, Prescott Pl, with eighty (80) responses flooding the NextDoor site

(Feb 2018) This marked the beginning of a fight to save our *wandering* pooch.  And again, Gina and Emily (IAR volunteers) offered to help, and came up with a plan: (1) we need to get him to come to the same location; (2) two Five Oaks neighbors (Barbara) will feed him at specific times twice  day; (3) other than these two Neighbors, all others will stop feeding him; (4) he must be enticed to come to the same place and at the same time for food; (5) donations of food was welcomed; (6) thanked everyone for the outpouring of concerns for our Wanderer; (7) searching for a loving forever home.  By law, all stray dogs must be surrendered to Animal Control for rabies testing, but with IAR’s involvement, he could be fostered from Animal Control as soon as he was approved for release.  One problem!  He had to be trapped first!  He, indeed, started to come to the feeding area (loved hot dogs, but rather picky about his kibble).  Now, a perfect trap was necessary!  After jumping through hoops, a Missy Trap, although labor intensive to install, was finally in place at the feeding location.
(Mar 2018)  One morning, our Wanderer was trapped, but only for fifteen (15) minutes.  He actually dug his way out, and trotted off once again to wander.  He did, however, return on several occasions ~~ no doubt looking for his turkey, and especially his hot dogs.  It was decided a more traditional larger trap was necessary.  And again, jumping through even more hoops, there was success with Orange County delivering a new trap.  An alert was put out to avoid leashing him; he had to feel comfortable around people; he must maintain low stress levels (it was learned through these many weeks, that he certainly did not like being confined or touched).  The food dish was placed half way into the new trap (the trap is triggered when he noses around the bowl to eat).  But when he returned to the area to have his daily meal, this smart pooch actually pulled the dish completely out of the trap, before the trap could engage.  He was again off to wander!  The dish was then shoved to the back. We had the help of a Neighbor (who had an excellent view of the area where the trap was located); and she would report all the sightings of our pooch.  There were also two ‘dead dog on the highway’ scares; one was a coyote and one was a deer.  But each scare heightened the reminder of what was at stake ~ anxious time for the people manning the front line, as well as the Five Oaks Community and her sister Communities.   It’s also to be noted here that every avenue possible was exhausted through these many weeks to find this guy’s owner, but sadly to no avail. Also, sadly, he was not micro-chipped!
(Mar 18, 2018) Volunteers, over several hours, attempted to get a leash on our Wanderer, but each time, although friendly (especially if they were accompanied by a dog), as soon as he spotted the leash, he would quietly back away, and trot off.  He was a master of evasion. After a month and a half, all it took was Roxie (Wonder Dog), and Ron (Dog Whisperer).  For some mysterious canine reason, he acted like a puppy around Ron ~~ his new favorite people. Ron was able to pet him, hold him, and ultimately simply pick him up and quietly place him in the crate. Ron had developed a good relationship with our Wanderer, saying he is a normal, affectionate pooch, who absolutely loves Roxie.   With the help of Gina (IAR volunteer) and Barbara (Five Oaks), he was then delivered to the Orange County Animal Control.  Our Wanderer was concerned, but calm and gentlemanly throughout.
(Mar 24, 2018)  Barbara (Five Oaks) and Gina (IAR) delivered him to his foster home, with a huge fenced in yard (reinforced to thwart digging).  Although through these many weeks, our Wanderer was referred to Skippy/Spotty, it was decided, Gina (IAR) had earned naming rights, and our Five Oaks Skippy/Spotty is certainly a *Trooper*.   Trooper continues to thrive with his loving foster parents and many friends, where he continues to work on his social skills.
(May 2018) Trooper is now in his forever home.  Ethan (a tall, slow moving  quiet guy) and Erika (who has been working with Trooper at a Doggie Care Center) have officially adopted Trooper – and he is now known as Jayce.   Similar to his relationship with Ron, he acts like a smitten puppy around Ethan.  He has become a shameless lapdog ~~ dignity surrendered.  He’s a happy boy, with two female doggie friends; and he also trots (or wanders) off daily to the Day Care Center with Erika.  #HappyBoyHappyEnding!
A Wanderer no more, and lovin’ it!
So many to thank:  The team of IAR, Mary, Gina, Barbara, Sally, Dana, Tom, Pattie, Veronica, Emily, Andy, folks of the Five Oaks Community, folks of our surrounding Communities, and our thanks to Barbara, for her diligence and dedication, and to Barbara & Sally for providing the contents of this Saga ~ with a wee bit of poetic license by Ellen.




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Five Oaks Creatures ~~*Enjoy!* (work in progress)

Five Oaks Creatures ~~ *Enjoy*!

(a work in progress)


Judy: Long time artistic resident has provided us with 95% of these awesome photographs. Thank you Judy!





Mr. BlueJay: Dinner Time!


Dropping in for Lunch!
Stairs to *Eats*!
Mr. Heron enjoying breakfast!


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Mr (or maybe Ms) Handsome (just hanging around)


“Red is the ultimate cure for sadness” quote b/Bill Blass
Meet *Nancy Reagan* (Nov 2013)


*Happy Feet*



A full belly!


A visiting Turtle ~ lots n’lots of  ’em in our Lake.








Hi there pretty one!


Gosling Sightings:
(May 6, 2018) This is a first for me ~~ seeing *one* gosling family!  There has to have been others that just didn’t survive for one reason or another (sad).  I sure hope this little guy can make it;  (May 7, 2018) Family of six goslings (and a few ducks) sighted today;  (May 18, 2018) Another first for me ~ these two families are traveling together.  So cute cause there are six little bitty ones and one somewhat larger (who has survived alone) actually hanging out together.  I’ll keep trying to get a photo ~ stay tuned. Have you spotted any other families, or have a photo?.  If so, please leave a Comment below, and I’ll for sure post it (Ellen).

*Hey ~ don’t leave*
Company for Lunch!
*Hello ~ Welcome*

Our Beloved Five Oaks Pets (a work in progress)

Maya *after* Adoption

Our Beloved Five Oaks Pets

(work in progress)

Maya & Hugh (*before* adoption)

Sad Story w/Happy Ending:  A little pooch was found tied up in a Five Oaks backyard ~ abandoned!   It was discovered a resident moved out and left this cutie without water or food for nine days.   She was in poor shape, and picked up by the Shelter. But after she got a full workup and found to be adoptable, our long time residents, Hugh and Kay Bailey, brought her home, and named her *Maya*.   Maya had several loving years with the Baileys before she passed.  Maya will always be remembered by the many Five Oaks people who loved her.

In the Fall of 2013,  I would see a Neighbor quite often carrying a rather large turtle to a grassy area and put her down; and again, picking her up and putting her down – and again and again.  Although the Lake was sort-of close by, it could not be seen from where she was standing.  Out of curiosity, I stopped one day and asked the Neighbor if the turtle was her pet, and why continually up and down, up and down?   She explained to me that she volunteered her services to rescuing and rehabilitating turtles.   She then went on to introduce me to the turtle, *Nancy Reagan*, who was looking rather poorly at the time.  She had been hit by a car, and her once thick shell, was not looking very healthy.   The Neighbor brought the turtle home for a little R&R, and part of her ritual with Nancy was to get her outside for her daily exercise.  She certainly got that exercise, cause every time the Neighbor put her down, Nancy would scoot her way (as only a turtle could scoot) in the direction of the Lake.  Nancy had a purpose!  I was told, at a much later date, that Nancy was back to her ole turtlely self – and finally enjoying her life in a body water somewhere  (posted by Ellen 5/14/2018)    WANNA MEET *NANCY REAGAN*?

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Sweet sweet Chester:  Chester was one of the very few *first* visitors to our Dog Park back in August of 2004. Chester has long since passed, but he will always be remembered by the beautiful red Camillia bush to the left of the park’s entrance gate (planted in his memory). When it bloomed this year (2018), it was so sweet and gorgeous, and so was he!



Community Saga: (happy boy happy ending)





The History of Bunco (Bunco is back in Five Oaks)

Bunco is back @ our Clubhouse with a KickOff Date: May 14, 2018 7pm


Bunco dates back to the late 1800’s, and was played by groups of women, school children and couples.  The old fashioned game of the future is becoming ever more popular at parties, social events, and new groups are popping up across the country.

This progressive dice game, under its original name of 8-Dice Cloth was played in England during the 18th century.  It was unknown in the United States until 1855, when it was introduced into San Francisco during the Gold Rush by a crooked gambler.  This shady character, traveling from the East to West coast had made many stops in route to the California gold fields.  He also made various changes to the gambling game he called Banco.  After a few years. the game and activity was re-christened Bunco or Bunko.  During this same period, a Spanish card game, Banco, and its Mexican derivative, Monte, were also introduced to the to the population of San Francisco.  Bunco dice and Bunco cards were combined to form a more efficient method of separating the hardworking citizens from their money at numerous gambling locations,  These locations were known as Bunco parlors.  Hence, the word Bunco came to be a general term that applied to all scams, swindling and confidence games.  After the Civil War and into the turn of the century, Bunco flourished as the population grew and the economy recovered.  Between 1870 and 1880,  in virtually every large city in the country, Bunco-Banco games were in operation.  Some Bunco locations were furnished elaborately while others resembled professional offices.

During the 1880’s, and into the mid 1890’s, Bunco was played in Texas & Oklahoma, through Kansas & Missouri, in towns and cities along the Ohio and Mississippi rivers, and from New York to the Great Lakes states.  Through the Victorian era and prior to WW1, Bunco had achieved permanent placement as a traditional family or parlor game, promoting social interaction.  During this period, Bunco groups, consisting of 8-12 people and as many as 20 people enjoyed an evening of food, drink, conversation, and friendly competition.  During Prohibition and the roaring 20’s, the infamous Bunco gambling parlors resurfaced in various regions of the US.  The most notorious speak-eases and Bunco dice parlors were located in and around Chicago, Illinois,  The term “Bunco Squad” referred to the detectives who raided these establishments!

After Prohibition, Bunco group activity declined in the major cities of the country, but spread to the suburbs as housing development and migratory population expanded nationally.  Not much was heard about Bunco activity from 1940-1980 (WW1, Korea, Vietnam).  Since the early 1980’s Bunco activity has increased due to a combination of circumstances; a return to traditional family values, a sense of neighborhood and community and, the desire and need for social interaction.  Traditionally most Bunco groups consist of 12 players (usually groups of women & occasionally couples).  Kids are even beginning to play at parties and other social events.  Playing Bunco is great way to maintain relationships and make new friends.

Bunco is an easy fun game of dice, luck and prizes.    Join us @ the Clubhouse



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Our Neighborhood Watch



Several signs throughout our  neighborhood

Our Neighborhood Watch

In 2012 our Community was enjoying a rather safe and peaceful harbor, ~~   but then it started  ~~ a rash  of break-ins (both homes and cars).  We had seven break-ins on Beechnut Lane alone, as well as, a string of break-ins in the Hickory Downs, 4100 and Farrington Communities. We were SHAKEN!  It was a tough period of time for all of us.  There had been a previous attempt to get Community involvement, but to no avail.  THIS HAD TO STOP!

I called a Five Oaks Community meeting, and invited the Durham Police Department to speak to us.  Sixty concerned residents came to that first meeting – an incredible turn out.  Because of that turn out and a huge interest in our safety, we were on our way to forming the Five Oaks Neighborhood Watch program.  The Police shared with us many safety tips, and informed us about issues that put our Communities at risk, i.e. bad lighting, overgrown bushes, and much more. They worked with us to bring Five Oaks to a knowledge of safety.  New concepts were locked doors, porch lights on (criminals hate light!), security systems, window safety alarms, safety devices,  and much more!

Block Captains signed up at that meeting to watch sections of homes within the four Five Oaks Communities.  Block Captains reported several incidences that resulted in apprehending criminals – one actually carrying a Safe down one of our streets. A resident had installed a camera, and through ignorance,  the intruder looked straight into it.  It was shown on WRAL News – very effective to catch this culprit. Safety has increased significantly. since that first meeting in 2012.  Although we can still improve in areas, such as leaving car doors unlocked with valuables in sight, we’ve come a long way with locking doors, keeping Pin Oaks garages closed,  trimming bushes, porch lights on,  and internal and outdoor camera monitors.

I have been involved in PAC3 (Partners Against Crime for District 3 (our Police District with offices off MLK by Harris Teeter). Check out the DPD website at to learn more about the support District 3 can provide.  Over the five (5) year period, I have developed good relationships with Durham Police,  Investigators, et al,  and have learned about crime statistics, criminal justice systems and so much while attending many Police meetings.   I’m now on the Executive Leadership Team, providing even more impact for District 3 involvement and greater visibility for Five Oaks.

And to further promote our neighborhood’s safety:    National Night Out (a national event), has been a huge success here in Five Oaks, drawing over 100 residents to learn more about our  safety, as well as an opportunity to meet our super great District 3 Police. It’s also a great opportunity to socialize and meet other neighbors, and all for a good cause.  This event is usually held the first Tuesday in August, and this year it’s scheduled for August 7, 2018.  We expect  to draw huge crowds once again. There are many give aways (restaurant certificates, gift cards, Five Oaks Neighborhood Watch branded materials, such as pens and jar openers. In previous years, we’ve had food trucks, sheet cakes, and as mentioned above, lots of goodies, and should be repeated this year. This is an event you’ll want to attend or maybe even help organize. We encourage all the Five Oaks Communities to join in this once a year event. Community involvement is the best way to keep our Community safe!  We need your support to make this event, as well as our Neighborhood Watch program,  a success. We are also calling upon our Block Captains to once again get involved….we need you

Our next Neighborhood Watch meetings are listed here:
June 4th:           First kick off meeting for National Night Out;
July 23th:          Second kick off meeting for National Night Out;
August 7th:        National Night Out event;
October 6th:      CPR Training Night;
December 10th: Neighborhood Watch Appreciation Night.

Neighborhood Watch Schedule & Full Five Oaks Calendar of Events

We look forward to your participation.  For any questions, please contact Rita.
Tel# 919-768-3696.
(posted by Rita Vanags, Five Oaks Neighborhood Watch Coordinator)

Neighborhood Watch Meeting (w/Coordinator on far left)
Our District 3 Durham Police
My Captain! My Captain!


The Elma Thompson Dog Park Story

Five Oaks Guy Dogs (from left to right: Logan, Binky, Mikey & Toby)

The Elma Thompson Dog Park Story

It is no longer necessary to register for the Elma Thompson Dog Park:

In August (2018), the Five Oaks Elma Thompon Dog Park celebrates a fourteen (14) year Anniversary. The August 22, 2004 edition of the Durham Herald Sun, published a five (5) column spread (with photos) about our Dog Park.  We had a beautiful opening ceremony that day in memory of Elma, with her granddaughter, Mary, cutting the ribbon.  Elma  was a lovely, gentle, interesting lady. and we had many conversations before her death about her wishes to have a Dog Park where she and her Pooch, Minnie,  could sit, relax, and enjoy our Community. She would have been so proud of her Elma Thompson Dog Park.  No – my mistake: she IS proud of her Dog Park.

Aug 22, 2004 Durham Herald Sun article (opening ceremony that day in memory of Elma)
Through the kindness of a Neighbor, we had a lovely bench donated by the Michael Jordan Dealership

The Puppy Play dates brings me back in time with such joyous memories. Years ago, a few neighbors would make arrangements to meet in the Dog Park. We would bring our lunch, sometimes dessert ~ and just enjoy our beloved pets. We even had a Neighbor bring her *make believe* pooch.


Most of the pets, including mine, have since passed; and they are dearly missed. If you take a look at the front gate, there is a beautiful red bush blooming right now in memory of one of our Beechnut Ln pets. His name was Chester! There were four other bushes planted on the other side of the gate, in memory of our other deceased pets – we tried, but sadly those bushes didn’t survive.  Have fun at your Pet Play date ladies – and please, while you are there, think of Elma, Minnie and Chester – and oh yes ~~~ don’t forget my Logan!


Elma Thompson Dog Park Sign w/ *Chester’s* bush to the left. Very pretty when it blooms!
(posted by Ellen)

One of Those!

The Pin Oak snowman originally stood tall ~~ honest!


Pin Oak Ct and the *Island* !

This morning my thoughts went on and on about a Five Oaks neighbor.  There was so much going through my mind, that I had to get a pad and pen,  and make notes ~~ and here’s what I scribbled down:

 **  Spearheads our Community’s Neighborhood Watch program;
**. Attends Durham Police meetings;
**  Responsible for our August Neighborhood Watch evening;
**  Always volunteers to drive;
**  Visits our sick and troubled neighbors;
**  Walks the neighborhood for signatures & donations;
**  Builds our Community snowmen;
**  Helps with shoveling snow;
**  Organizes the Five Oaks Island Garage Sale;
**  Plans for neighborhood baby showers;
**  Takes beautiful Community photos;
**  Always has a smile;
**  Always there to help;
**  Attends all our Community events;
**  Always brings something delicious to share;
**  Has put Five Oaks Island (Pin Oak) on the map
**  We are unofficially voting her in as head of our *Sunshine Committee*.


And with all that, she still finds time to be her adventuress self:
**  Travels the World;
**  The NC Beach & our Community Pool is her happy places;
**  Always the first one up (& down) our Inflatable slide (not just once but many times);
**  Always at the Pool to get her laps in and socialize;
**  Last but certainly not least, don ‘t look for her on Sundays.  She will be in her beloved Church!
I would only hope that all neighborhoods would be blessed with *one of those* ~~ an amazing woman.  You all know who this lovely lady is….right?