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Membership costs at Five Oaks are very simple: we charge one simple monthly fee of $76.65/month per household (everyone living in your home), that includes access to all amenities and social events, as well as the privilege of using the Clubhouse and booking it for events. This cost is based on an average family of 4, and membership includes guest access for up to 4 people total for smaller households, couples and individuals (for example: couples may always bring 2 extra people to the pool with no extra guest fee).

While we do not offer any other types of membership due to our restrictions as a not-for-profit, you will find that our pricing is more competitive than any other comparable association in the Triangle area.

Commitment and Initiation Fee

For new households, there is a $600 initiation fee and a membership commitment of at least 1 year (paying in full for the year) or 2 (paying monthly).

Membership Specials

APRIL SPECIAL $450 OFF INITIATION FEE / $150 Initiation Fee + $918/Year THRU APRIL 30
MAY SPECIAL $300 OFF INITIATION FEE / $300 Initiation Fee  + $918/Year THRU MAY 31
(NOTE: Monthly Payment Options Available with 2-year Membership Commitment)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there only one type of membership available?

Five Oaks Recreational Association, Inc is a private, nonprofit club.  Because we are a non-profit association, we must adhere to the legally binding governing documents which only allow for one kind of membership.  While we do not offer a wide variety of incremental fee-based memberships, you will find that the membership that we do offer is more competitive than any other in the entire Triangle area.

We’re only interested in the pool – can we join for the summer only?

Members may join and leave Five Oaks at any time; however, the initiation fee is required each time you join. As such, it is generally cost prohibitive to join for summer months only. Join for the year and enjoy our year-round amenities and events!

Are there day-use rates for the pool?

No. Five Oaks Club does not have any day use options for any amenity. You must be a member, or be accompanied by a member as a guest.

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