Five Oaks Staff

Josh Lindgren, General Manager

Josh Lindgren has been our general manager here at Five Oaks since 2003.   Those members who have been along for the ride have watched the Five Oaks Club continually improve under Josh’s guidance and leadership.  Josh graduated from East Carolina University in 1999 and enjoyed traveling the Western US until landing back in North Carolina to raise a family.  Josh is the president of Community Focus of NC, Inc, which serves several of the HOAs within Five Oaks.  If you need to know anything about Five Oaks, Josh is your go-to man!  When Josh is not at work, he can be found hiking, biking, skiing, fly-fishing and spending time with his lovely family in the outdoors.

Fun facts about Josh: Josh has worked and lived in Wisconsin, Montana, Washington, & Alaska in addition to the state he calls home! He loves playing the guitar and drums. He says he should have been a rock star, but being our Five Oaks hero will do! 🙂

Madison Kichline

Madison joined Five Oaks in 2020 during the middle of the covid pandemic. She brings recreational and property management experience from the Outer Banks. You’ll often find her at the Five Oaks Clubhouse working out of the office there. Whether it’s a tour or a quick chat, she’s happy to help.