Rules & Notices

The following rules and regulations of Five Oaks Recreational Association, Inc. (hereinafter sometimes referred as a “Club”, “Five Oaks Club”, or “FORA”) are adopted pursuant to the by-laws. The purpose of these rules and regulations is to provide for an orderly and systematic regulation of membership and Club facilities.

General Rules and Regulations

  1. Exclusivity: The Clubhouse and all the facilities (including the lake) of the club are exclusively for the use, entertainment and enjoyment of the members and their immediate families, and are not to be used for commercial/public purposes. Members should be able to prove membership at any time, by carrying their membership access card when on FORA Grounds. The rules and regulations for the operation of the Association shall be designed to facilitate and promote this purpose.
    1. Membership privileges are granted to the individual or family living in the same household with the member. Grown children, grandparents, relatives, etc., who live at a separate address do not have the same Membership privileges as the owner.
    2. Nonmember, non-custodial parents of children who are members through a family membership may accompany their children to the Club related activities.
    3. Single membership refers to one person living in the household; more than one person constitutes a family membership.
    4. For Homeowners Only: If a tenant is living in a homeowners’ unit, the homeowner must designate whether the tenant or the homeowner has membership privileges. Both parties cannot use the privileges. If the homeowner chooses to use the membership privileges, the tenants can then be eligible to become a social member.
  2. The association shall not be responsible to members or their guest for loss of, or damage to, their personal property in the Clubhouse or on Club grounds.
  3. Adherence to the FORA rules is the responsibility of every member. All members are responsible for the conduct of themselves, dependents and guests.
  4. It is desirable to operate the club and its facilities in accordance with the wishes of the club members. Constructive criticisms and suggestions are welcomed, but such criticisms and suggestions should be directed to the Club Management or any member of the Board of Directors. Suggestions can also be put in the black “Drop Box” located by the front door of the Clubhouse.
  5. Many members walk their pets in the neighborhoods. Pets must be kept on a leash when on club grounds at all times. Access to the Five Oaks Dog park will be granted only to those members who register their pets with the Five Oaks Office and pay the required fee. All pet owners must immediately pick up pet waste and dispose of it properly – violations of this rule will result in the loss of privileges.
  6. Members will be considered delinquent and privileges suspended if dues are not paid by the 30th of the first month that their dues are billed. FORA will enforce an interest charge until all dues are paid. Social members with accounts that remain delinquent may have their Membership suspended or terminated upon notice by the Five Oaks manager. Any account that remains delinquent is subject to late fees, interest and legal collections. Any expenses incurred by the association in efforts to collect on overdue accounts, including attorney fees, will become assessments due and subject to the same collections policies as regular club dues.

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Anti-Harassment and Anti-Intimidation Policy

The Five Oaks Recreational Association Inc (FORA) affirms the right of all staff, members and guests to be free from hate crimes, abusive statements, or any activity which degrades the unique qualities of an individual, such as race, ethnicity, culture, age, heritage, sexuality, physical/mental attributes, religious beliefs and practices or any other legally protected characteristics that apply.

FORA recognizes that such hate-crime statements, threats, physical assaults, or damage to property are inflammatory to those victimized by such acts and jeopardizes the safety and well being of members, guests and staff.

Examples of prohibited conduct include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Verbal threats of harm, including but not limited to intimidating, threatening, or directing abusive language toward another
  • Non-verbal threats including intimidation of any kind.
  • Physical threats including but not limited to pushing, slapping, kicking or punching
  • Brandishing a weapon or an object which appears to be a weapon
  • Stalking a member, visitor or staff.
  • Repetitive and hostile behavior with the intent to harm others including the use of information and communication technologies and other Web-based/online sites (also known as “cyber bullying”), such as the following:
  • Posting slurs on forums maintained by the Five Oaks Recreational Association Inc
  • Sending abusive or threatening messages through the Five Oaks Recreational Association website, email, or related forums
  • Posting of embarrassing photographs of members, guests and staff
  • Using the Five Oaks Recreational Association web site or related forums to initiate or circulate gossip and

The Five Oaks Recreation Association is committed to an environment which is safe and free from physical assault, threats, and harassing behaviors for its staff, members, and visitors. All reports of possible workplace violence will be taken seriously by the association and should be reported to the Five Oaks Board of Directors immediately. The emphasis of the Board will be intervention and fair and expedient resolution. The collaborative effort that developed this policy shows that a safe recreational facilities and a safe work environment are in the interest of all members, guests and employees of the Five Oaks Recreational Association.

FORA reserves the right to suspend the right of any Member to the use of any recreational facilities situated upon the common area by any member as a result of any infraction of the published rules and regulations.

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C. Clubhouse

  1. Parking is allowed ONLY in the designated areas of the club’s parking lot. Parking is NOT permitted in the loading zone closest to the Clubhouse or on any non-paved areas.
  2. Smoking is NOT allowed inside any area of the Clubhouse
  3. No wet swimsuits are to be worn in the main and upper levels of the Clubhouse or in the Fitness Room.
  4. Children MUST be accompanied by an adult inside all areas of the Clubhouse
  5. Only Members may rent the Five Oaks facilities and Clubhouse. Members must submit required contracts, deposits and user fees before the facilities may be used. Non-member rentals are strictly prohibited.
  6. The Five Oaks Recreational Association reserves the right to keep all or any portion of a members deposit, without notice, in the event that the terms of the rental agreement are not met.
  7. 7) All bookings and special events must end by midnight.

D. Fitness Room

  1. The Fitness Room is available 24 hours a day for members only.
  2. No one under 16 years of age is allowed in the Fitness Room.
  3. Guests MUST be accompanied by a member at ALL TIMES in the Fitness Areas
  4. Members must notify the Five Oaks Office if the Fitness Room has evidence of safety issues or concerns related to the condition of the area or fitness equipment. Call (919) 493-1495
  5. Pets are not allowed in the Fitness Room or any inside area of the Clubhouse
  6. Smoking is not permitted in the Fitness Room or any inside area of the Clubhouse.
  7. Weights & Equipment must be wiped down and replaced properly immediately after use, so that other Members may use it.
  8. There is a 30 minute maximum for use of each piece of equipment if someone else is waiting in line.
  9. Use of the television is limited to 30 minutes per Member and must be placed at a low volume, such that it does not disturb the other members in the fitness areas.
  10. The use of radios and other audible equipment is not allowed. Members may use personal devices with earplugs, as long as they are not audible to other members in the fitness areas.
  11. FORA is not responsible for injuries incurred because of improper use of equipment.
  12. Failure to comply with these rules and regulations will result in loss of fitness area privileges.

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E. Pool

  1. Adults should never swim alone.
  2. All members 16 years and older MUST have their own membership access card and show their card to enter the pool area.
  3. A parent/guardian/or caretaker, 18 years of age or older, must accompany children and youth 16 years of age or younger.
  4. ALL GUESTS MUST be accompanied by a Five Oaks member at all times.
  5. Children are NOT to be left at the pool without adult supervision.
  6. Only adults 18 years and older are allowed in the pool area from 6am until 10am for lap swimming. Contact the Five Oaks office for details related to Early Morning Swim Access.
  7. Swimming before sunrise and after sunset is NOT allowed at Five Oaks, per direction of the Durham County Board of Health.
  8. Children who are not toilet trained must wear both swimming diapers and plastic pants when in either the baby pool or the big pool.
  9. Running is not allowed in the fenced area of the pools.
  10. Pets are not allowed in the fenced area of the pools.
  11. Smoking is NOT permitted within the fenced area of the pools.
  12. Diving is not allowed except in the designated areas of the 8.5ft diving well.
  13. No one is allowed in or on the lifeguard stands except for Five Oaks lifeguards.
  14. No children are allowed in the deep end unless they pass a basic swim test administered by the lifeguards.
  15. The baby pool is reserved for children 5 and younger; parents/guardians/or caretakers above the age of 18 must supervise children in the baby pool at all times.
  16. Five Oaks Pool management reserves the right to limit the use of certain flotation devices and non- compliant pool items, such as water-wings, rafts, tubes, toys and related water devices.
  17. Food is not allowed in the fenced pool area – Please use the patio area just outside of the pool. Coolers and beverages are permitted, but NO GLASS containers are allowed inside the fenced area of the pool. Members and guests are responsible for depositing all trash and recycling properly in receptacles provided.
  18. Adult swim is the last 10 minutes of each hour, but the lifeguards reserve the right to adjust this schedule as needed based on current conditions and bather-load.
  19. At least one lap lane will be reserved for adult lap swimming at all times
  20. Radios. CD Players and other audio devices are permitted at a reasonable level subject to the discretion of the lifeguards and pool management.
  21. Fighting, rough housing, profanity, lewd, and/or abusive language or gestures are strictly prohibited. Lifeguards have the authority to send violators home and suspend their pool privileges as necessary.
  22. The pool will be closed immediately for matters related to pool safety, including, but not limited to: thunder/lightning, high winds, mechanical issues, chemical issues and other safety concerns. The lifeguards are instructed to enforce this safety rule at all times – Ask the pool manager for specifics.
  23. Lounge chairs and tables may not be reserved with personal items for more than one hour during busy hours. Please make every effort to allow every Member to have reasonable access to tables and chairs.
  24. Lounge chairs, tables, umbrellas and other pool area furniture is not to be taken outside of fenced area by members.
  25. Pool Phone is for EMERGENCY USE ONLY.
  26. No cooking or grilling is allowed around the pool area. The Five Oaks Grill may be rented at the guard shack by completing the required contract and paying related fees.
  27. The consumption of alcohol around the pool area is discouraged. The lifeguards and/or pool management may prohibit you from entering the swimming pool if they believe you to be intoxicated. Should a person’s behavior under the influence of alcohol or drugs, become unruly or unsafe they may be asked to leave the grounds immediately, and their pool privileges may be suspended or revoked.
  28. Pool Guest Fees:


• Out of town guests (50 Miles or more) staying at your home – May enter free of charge with valid “Out of Town” ID.

• FIVE OAKS RESIDENT MEMBERS (living in the Five Oaks Community) MAY PURCHASE A DISCOUNT GUEST PASS FOR THE SEASON – Inquire by leaving a message at the Five Oaks Office 919-439-1495 or emailing:

• All other guests – $5.00 per day. Babies up to age 2 may be admitted at no charge

• NOTICE: FIVE OAKS ALLOWS A MAXIMUM OF 10 GUESTS PER MEMBERSHIP EACH DAY – Some exceptions may be made for weekday use (Monday-Thursday), based on the availability of Staff and with at least one weeks’ notice to the Five Oaks General manager. Additional Fees apply for larger groups.

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F. Tennis

1) Proper tennis attire is required at all times.

2) Shirts must be worn at all times.

3) No bathing suits allowed on the courts.

4) Proper tennis shoes must be worn.

5) No profanity, loud or abusive language or throwing racquets or other disruptive behavior is allowed.

6) Playing time is limited to one hour for singles an 1.5 hours for doubles when others are waiting for courts.

7) Members and guests are responsible for depositing all trash properly.

8) Children who are not playing tennis are not allowed on the courts.

9) The tennis backboard is available for use of up to one hour if courts are full.

10) No pets are allowed on the tennis courts

11) Guest Fees are payable to the Five Oaks Recreational Association, Inc and may be paid at the Five Oaks Pool guard shack or dropped in the drop box located next to the front doors of the clubhouse (Check or Cash Only).

12) Guest Fees are $5.00 per day. Guests MUST be accompanied by a valid Member at all times while visiting our facilities.

G. Five Oaks Lake

1) Fishing and use of any areas along the lake are strictly for Five Oaks MEMBERS and Guests ONLY. Guests must be accompanied by a Member at all times while visiting the Five Oaks Rec. Assn.

2) There is NO fishing allowed on the Homeowners side of the lake. If people are fishing behind your home please call Josh during normal business hours. Contact the police immediately if you feel that your property or security is being threatened.

3) Catch & release fishing is encouraged.

4) Fish cleaning and waste is not permitted on FORA Property

5) Watercraft and swimming are prohibited.

6) Standing, sitting or fishing on the Five Oaks dam is strictly prohibited.

7) No littering or loud, disruptive noise allowed in any area of Five Oaks.

8) Feeding of the geese and other wildlife is strictly prohibited.

VERSION 2: Amended July 24, 2013 Page 6

H. Basketball Courts & Volleyball Courts

1) Courts are reserved for members and their guests only

2) Dunking and hanging from any part of the basketball goals or volleyball net is NOT allowed.

3) Full court basketball play is allowed only if no one person or persons is waiting to play.

4) Maximum playing time per group is one hour if people are waiting.

5) Proper conduct is expected at all times.

6) The club manager has the authority to ban players who abuse the Rules.

7) Any problems or concerns should be reported to the Manager.

8) Guest Fees are payable to the Five Oaks Recreational Association, Inc and may be paid at the Five Oaks pool guard shack or dropped in the drop box located next to the front doors of the clubhouse (Check or Cash Only).

9) Guest Fees are $5.00 per day. Guests MUST be accompanied by a valid Member at all times while visiting our facilities.


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