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Five Oaks operates for a long pool season from early May to late September, weather permitting. In 2017, our pool was open until October 1!

Our newly resurfaced pool is a 25 meter pool with a 2-3 foot shallow area, 8 foot diving well, 6 swimming lanes, 6 diving blocks and 4 panel high AquaClimb® climbing wall. Surrounding the pool, we have plenty of lounge chairs, tables with umbrellas, and high-top tables, as well as pool noodles and toys members may use.

Our pool, surrounded by forest and with a view of the lake, is quiet and serene. The forest provides plenty of shade in the morning and afternoon. And there’s plenty of space to spread out, relax, play, swim laps, and soak up sun!


Our pool is fully staffed with lifeguards during peak times (like weekends, afternoons & evenings), and unguarded off-peak (mornings & off-season weekends). Check the schedule below for hours and guarding schedule. For kids 5 years old and younger, we also have a 1 foot wading pool. Please note that lifeguards do not guard the wading pool, and children must be attended.

4th of July

Swim Lessons

For kids (and adults) with limited or no swimming skills, our pool staff will create a swimming lesson plan to meet your needs – just ask a staff member at the Five Oaks pool.


The pool, accessible with your Five Oaks key card, is open from 10am until dusk, with early access available for adult lap swimmers. The pool closing time will change throughout the season to reflect the time it gets dark (our pool is not properly lit for night swimming).

Monday-Friday: 10am – 4pm unguarded, 4pm-8pm guarded*. Early Access: sunrise-10am
Saturday: 10am – 9pm guarded. Early Access: sunrise-10am
Sunday: 10am – 8pm guarded. Early Access: sunrise-10am

*Our Stingrays swim team practices M-F from 6-7:30pm, from mid-May to early July. During this time, 5 swimming lanes are in use. The diving well, shallow end, and 1 swimming lane remain open for recreational swimmers.

4th of July Party

Early morning pool access is also available for lap-swimming adults after dawn. Members, click here for more information on how to obtain early morning pool access.

Pool Hours 2018

Early Season May 11– May 15
Pool Open 10am to 8pm
No Guard or Attendant

Early Season May 16– June 10
Pool Open 10am to 8pm Mon-Fri
(Note: Unguarded Until 4pm M-F)
Pool Open 10am to 9pm (or Sundown) Saturdays
Pool Open 10am to 8pm Sundays
Note: Home Swim Meet:
Pool will be closed Until 1pm on June 2nd

Regular Season June 11 – Aug 26
Pool Open 10am to 9pm (or Sundown) M-F
(Note: Unguarded Until 1pm M-F)
Pool Open 10am to 9pm (or Sundown) Saturdays
Pool Open 10am to 8pm Sundays
(Note: Unguarded Until 1pm Sundays)
Note: Home Swim Meet:
Pool will be closed Closed at 4pm Wed June 20th

Late Season Aug 27 – Sept 16
Pool Open 10am to 8pm Mon-Fri
(Note: Unguarded Until 4pm M-F)
Pool Open 10am to 8pm Sat & Sun
(Note: Unguarded unit Noon)

Five Oaks Pool Management reserves the right to change this schedule at their discretion based on weather conditions, pool conditions or other events that require amended hours of operation. THANK YOU!

Become a Member

Not a member? Join Five Oaks and get access to the pool and all other Five Oaks facilities:

Become a Member

Emergency Numbers

Pool Policies, Notices & Notes

Food: You are welcome to enjoy drinks and snacks inside the pool gates. Please clean up after yourself and your kids so that we do not attract ants or unwanted critters. We ask that you take any meals (pizza, parties, etc), as well as anything in a glass bottle, to the picnic tables just outside the gates. No glass is allowed inside the gate at any time. Snack and soda machines are available in the hallway outside the fitness center.

Guests: A Five Oaks household membership includes pool access for up to 4 people or the number of people in your household, whichever is greater. Additional guests may join for $10/day, for up to 10 total guests. Guest fees are payable at the Five Oaks office or Five Oaks pool, when staff is on-site. If no staff is on-site, please leave your guest fee in the secure Black Drop Box outside and to the left of the main clubhouse door.

4th of July parade around the pool

Non-members: Five Oaks Club is strictly for members and their guests only. We do not have a “day-use” fee available for non-members.

Pool parties: Five Oaks has a strict 10 guests/day per family policy. We staff the pool based on expected usage and are not equipped, either with or without notice, to handle large parties. As such, large parties are unsafe and will be turned away at the gates by our lifeguards.

Pool phone: The pool phone number is (919) 493-2604. Please do not leave messages at this number.

Pool closings: Our pool manager and staff make all determinations as to pool closings due to inclement weather, lightning potential and safety concerns.  Please respect their decision to move swimmers out of the pool and to close the pool at will – if you have any questions about a closing, please contact the Five Oaks office.

Showers: Hot showers are available in the fitness center. The showers in the pool are currently unheated.

Swim team: The Five Oaks Swim Team practices mornings (8:30-10am) and evenings (5:30- 7pm) mid May- early July. During these times, 5 of the 6 lap lanes are reserved for swim team members. The swim team also typically hosts 2 home meets where the pool will be entirely closed for a few hours in the morning. Members are emailed about any closures with 24 hours advance notice.

Hanging with friends at the Five Oaks pool

Summer camps: Five Oaks summer campers are in the pool between 1-4 pm in the summer. There are never more than 15 campers in the water at any one time, and they are always attended by camp counselors. For any concerns with our campers, please contact the Five Oaks office.

Aqua Climb Rules: Only one climber at a time (no exceptions). Once you drop from the wall, clear the drop zone immediately. “Climb. Drop. Swim to the ladder”. Stay out of the drop zone when others are climbing! Share the wall – “Take a climb and get in line” (1 climb per kid on busy days please)

Pool Leadership

Our pool leadership is as follows:

  • Brandon DeLello, Area Supervisor at the Aquatic Management Group
  • Erin Eddy, Pool Manager
  • Allison Moore-Scercy, Pool Manager
  • Anna Meyer, Pool Manager

Brandon is our contact at AMG, the organization that staffs and hires for our pool. If you have any concerns or questions about the pool, please contact Brandon, or one of the pool managers that are often available onsite at the pool.