Five Oaks Staff

Five Oaks Staff

Josh Lindgren, Community Manager

Josh Lindgren is our Community Manager! Josh coordinates all membership, upkeep & coordination with painters, pool management, tennis instruction, scheduling and more for Five Oaks. Josh has been our hero here since 2003, 16 years! We don’t know what we’d do without him. If you see him around, say hi!

Fun facts about Josh: Josh has worked and lived in Wisconsin, Montana, Washington State, Alaska in addition to the state he calls home! He loves to get outside whenever possible and enjoys  playing the guitar and drums. He says he should have been a rock star, but Five Oaks hero will do! 🙂



Ellen Gilmartin, Administrative Assistant

I moved to Five Oaks from Woodcroft in 2002.  Josh was hired by Five Oaks about the same time, and I walked over to the Clubhouse to welcome him, and ask if I could help in any way in the office ~~ stuff envelopes or anything!  *Anything* proved to be quite a lot of *everything*.  I volunteered full-time for four (4) years, and then put on the payroll.  I had retired from a busy pleasant New Jersey law firm after thirty (30) years, and now to be working with Josh, was yet another pleasure. After eighteen (18) years,  its still a pleasure.

Ellen Gilmartin

There was nothing going on at the Clubhouse in the way of social activity.  But it didn’t take too long to have a bustling Clubhouse with Bunco, Bingo, Poker, Knitting Classes, Waltz Classes, Tricky Tray, Gold Nights, Pot Lucks, Garage Sales, a List Serve, Dog Park,  Breakfast on Beechnut, Pizza Parties & Holiday Parties ~~ even published a Five Oaks cookbook for the benefit of our Swim Team.

Our Community is a delightful one.  I have been blessed with good neighbors, as well as a Townhouse on the Lake.   I’ve enjoyed the wildlife that visits our lake, and had fun reporting about them through the many years on my ListServe.


Dancin’ Years

I was asked to say something interesting about *me*.  I was a ballroom dancer for thirty (30 years); maintained a dance telephone service called *Dial A Dance* (where to go dancing), and published a dance newspaper called *Footprints*.  Through the years I have been asked which dance was my favorite ~~ Quickstep, with the Waltz a close second.  I was obsessed!  (Posted May 2018)

Coach Mo

Coach Mo is our camp counselor,  and has been for years.  He is loved by all! Coach Mo lives onsite in our security officer apartment and provides grounds watch.

*Coach Mo*: Our super nice Camp Counselor & Security Guard

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