A Review of Five Oaks Events (always a work in progress)

JB Duke Hotel Holiday Luncheon


December 15, 2018 Holiday Luncheon
(Posted by Ellen)

What can we say ~ our Five Oaks Holiday Luncheon at the JB Duke Hotel on Duke Campus was yet another lovely Holiday occasion with a delicious buffet, a Secret Santa that paid for all the drinks, the bartender’s surprise drink, and Christmas Scratch-off Lottery tickets with two winners ($10 & $2). We were in the Barista of the Hotel enjoying a private dining area with an exceptional nice and attentive waiter. Lots of chatting and laughter with good friends and neighbors (with the bonus of meeting a new 4100 Member)!  What more could you ask for in this 2018 Holiday Season!  Merry Christmas everyone!

Hope to see ya all at our January luncheon!  KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE FIVE OAKS EVENT CALENDAR!


Nov 17, 2018 Outback Luncheon

November 17, 2018 Lunch Bunch:
(posted by Ellen)
I may sound like a broken record, and maybe, just maybe, that Irish Coffee was too darn delicious ~ but today’s Luncheon was the *bestest* ever!  So much fun, and such lovely people ~ thank you to each and everyone of you. And thank you to one of our new Five Oaks Members who shared her talent with us.  I chose the gorgeous Azalea garden, and I love it ~ thank you Lyn.  And you’re positively correct ~ “these are life’s special moments in natural, beautiful and spontaneous images”.

Five Oaks Holiday Lunch Bunch:
We now have reservations for our ever popular Holiday Luncheon on Saturday December 15th (12:30pm) in the Barista location (no stairs) of the JB Duke Restaurant. I was assured that this area, although *modern* compared to the *traditional* Washington Duke Inn, we would of course, enjoy the usual beauty of holiday decorations ~ poinsettias, wreaths & trees! I was also told that you may order a’ la carte from the luncheon menu, or enjoy their *upscale* luncheon Buffet (with a Chef’s Station). The Buffet is $19.00 per person (with a 19% tip added). The Buffet would be my choice. They will accept separate checks, and we will all be sitting at the same long table (no round tables), with comfortable seating (no high tops, no benches).   
https://www.jbdukehotel.com/dine/  (12 minute drive/6.3 miles).

Circle this enjoyable annual Holiday event to save the date (Dec 15th), and email me now (or whenever) with your RSVP. And please tell me you are *happy*!

RSVP: ellen@fiveoaksclub.com

Other Five Oaks Holiday Events:
We have so many Holiday events coming up here in the Five Oaks Community.  My suggestion would be check the Five Oaks Calendar on a regular basis ~ cause there could be additions, eliminations and/or changes.  While you’re in there, check out our Bunco games (Nov 26 & Dec 10), our Fun Brown Bag Tuesdays (Nov 27), Holiday Euchre (Dec 7), Santa’s visit (Dec 12), and so much more!   http://fiveoaksclub.wpengine.com/events/
Please please leave a *Comment* (scroll way down), or just give me your preference for future Lunch Bunch venues.
Have a lovely Thanksgiving everyone!

Ellen Gilmartin, Administrative Assistant
Five Oaks Recreational Assn, Inc.
October 24, 2018 Fun Tuesdays
posted by Ellen)
I had the pleasure of taking part in a *Fun Tuesday* yesterday afternoon at the Clubhouse. Under the direction of Mary, we made the cutest pumpkins (photo attached). I absolutely love them, and my thanks to Mary. I’ve also attached a group photo of some other activities also under the direction of our talented Mary. If you look over that photo you will see: (1) the book *Brooklyn* which is being discussed, and Mary is actually providing the book (on loan); (2) an adorable coaster, and learn how to knit (Mary provides the needles & yard); and (3) those really cute pumpkins ~ so easy!. Last Tuesday they met at the Clubhouse and carpooled to the movie to see *A Star is Born* ~ sorry I missed it. And Tuesday, October 30th ~ a Pot Luck. Family Trees and DNA, and what its all about will be on a future calendar.



Easy to Make!

You don’t have to be a member of Five Oaks to enjoy this delightful daytime activity; and in fact, you may enjoy yourself so much, you might even consider a membership sometime in the future. We would love to meet you.

Pumpkins, Coaster, Brooklyn, Yarn, Needles & Fabric


October 2, 2018 Fun & Interesting Tuesdays
(posted by Ellen)
My thanks to Mary for an interesting afternoon at the Clubhouse.  We enjoyed our Brown Bag lunch and lots of chatting, followed by the Five Crowns card game (which she taught).   I’m looking forward to teaching Five Crowns to my family.

Mary has scheduled a different fun and interesting activity for each Tuesday, and is open to any suggestions for future Tuesdays.  If you’re home during the day, this is a Five Oaks event for you ~ join us!



September 15, 2018 Lunch Bunch
(posted by Ellen)
The Cheesecake factory with more than 250 menu items and more that 50 signature cheesecakes and desserts on the menu, there is something for everyone. As usual, we had a nice crowd that attended, and the highlight of the afternoon was a Show n’Tell which was very enjoyable.  So much so, we are doing it again for our October Lunch Bunch.

August 18, 2018 Lunch Bunch
(posted by Ellen)
The Margaritas were so so good ~ and *freshly squeezed*.  And the newly opened Monterrey Mexican Restaurant in Rams Plaza was a good pick and a hit with the crowd.  Thanks to Ashley and Candy for all their help, and to Rita for all the great pictures taken through the years (one attached here).

Really good conversation, as well as interesting information, when a suggestion was thrown out there; “Tell us something about yourself that we don’t know”.  Thank you all – so enjoyable!

Stay tuned, The Cheesecake Factory is a possibility for our September 15th luncheon.  You don’t want to miss this one!

Please please leave a *Comment* (scroll way down), and include your preference for future Lunch Bunch venues.


July 21, 2018 Lunch Bunch
(posted by Ellen)
Thank you all!  I can’t tell you how much I enjoy my time with my neighbors and friends the third Saturday of every month!  The conversation, the laughter and just all round pleasantry is so enjoyable. It’s such a great opportunity to meet and chat with old and new friends.  You are special group of people ~~ and again, thank you all for sharing yet another Saturday afternoon with me.

Although we have had many good luncheons over the many years, this past Lunch Bunch at P.F. Changs was up there as one of the best.  Food was excellent and our Server (Michael) was absolutely amazing.  A couple of us arrived early and found a beautiful table setting with wine glasses at each place.  The words *Cheers* were elegantly engraved on each glass ~ but each one in a different language. Such a lovely touch!
Now that’s a *Birthday* candle!

Please feel free to leave a *Comment* below, and include your preference for a future Lunch Bunch venue!

Guys n’Gals – all ages!


July 4, 2018
(posted by Ellen)
Two (2) great reasons to celebrate this past Wednesday. We celebrated our Country’s 247th birthday, and our Five Oaks Stingray Swim Team two years in row – undefeated.  Our July 4th celebration was a huge success with a big Member turnout!!

To Lina and Cheryl, (Team Reps), to Josh, and to all the volunteers for their hard work and dedication in putting this day together – thank you ~ thank you!  And go Stingrays!

A good time was had by all!  

2006. 2007. 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 2018 TEAM PHOTOS


June 25, 2018 Bunco:
(posted by Ellen)
OMG ~ Last night’s Bunco game (June 25) at the Clubhouse was a wonderful fun evening! We met so many delightful new neighbors, and welcomed back many of our long time players.  It didn’t take long for the game to be off and running – despite having so many Newbies.  And, we had some really nice door prizes thanks to Caroline and her Mom. Thank you so much Ladies ~  it was such an enjoyable evening, and a pleasure meeting you all. We hope to see you at our next Bunco night on July 30th (7pm), and again and again every last Monday of the month thereafter.  Always check the Five Oaks website (Calendar of Events) to confirm Bunco, as well as the many other events that we enjoy here in our Five Oaks Community. FULL CALENDAR OF EVENTS

Reminder Tips:
*If you hover over the event on the Calendar, a white notice will appear; BUT if you click the actual event (smack in the middle), the formal (beige in color) notice will pop up;
* Main Room could be on the chilly side – bring a sweater;
* Bring $6.00 – preferably a $5 & a $1 bills, or 6 ones ~ (difficult giving change of ten or twenty, but in a pinch, we’ll find a way);
* If you’re so inclined, bring something/anything to share (but if you have been rushed, not necessary);
* BYOB – no drinks available at the Clubhouse;
* At the beginning of the game:  Consider helping to set up
* At the end of the evening:        Consider helping to clean up.
* Unless you’re absolutely ill, exhausted or have an important date, don’t dash out immediately after the last game.  We’re a team to put the Clubhouse back the way we found it, and more importantly, we sit down, relax, chat and divvy the prizes out (money & sometimes gifts).  The money prizes are given back to the players; (but spread around to different players  🙂
Please feel free to leave a Comment below.  See ya all next month, or maybe before at one of our many events!

Ellen Gilmartin, Administrative Assistant
Five Oaks Recreational Association, Inc

*a nice touch* NAMU

June 16, 2018 Lunch Bunch:
(posted by Pixie)
My husband Bob and I attended today’s lunch bunch at NAMU at Straw Valley in Durham.  We absolutely loved it! The food was extraordinary. Well prepared, fresh and nicely presented. Most of us had something different and were equally pleased. The wait staff were very helpful. Having to order at their serving bar was very helpful. It gave us opportunity to have all questions answered. All in all, a great afternoon!!
May 28, 2018 Memorial Day Celebration (1:30pm)
Although the weather was sortof yucky, our Pool Memorial Celebration was very enjoyable.  There was a people count of approximately forty (40); half adults and half kids.  The slide was a hit, the soda dive was fun, and Pizza and Ice Cream served.  And at this hour, there were actually quite a few in the pool.  If anyone should have a photo of today’s event, please send it, so it may be included here.    ***************************************************************************************************************
May 19, 2018 Lunch Bunch:
The location, the food, the presentation, and the comradeship all blended together for yet another enjoyable Five Oaks Lunch Bunch at the Fusion Fish in Chapel Hill. We welcomed a new 4100 Neighbor; said *hello* to a few who had moved away, (so glad they keep coming back); some who returned from vacation or illness, and of course, our long time Lunch Bunchers. Thank you Ladies & Gents for a fun afternoon!  FULL CALENDAR OF FIVE OAKS EVENTS


May 19, 2018

Posted by Chris (dated 6/4/2018)
Yoga in the Clubhouse has been a wonderful addition to the offerings in Five Oaks for the last month. Classes have been well attended with 5-15 students practicing per class. We have been exploring proper alignment in basic yoga poses, slowly building our practice, and incorporating some meditation techniques each week.

Please come and join us.  We would love to have you!



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Five Oaks Stingray Swim Team


(a work in progress)

Congratulations to our Stingray Swim Team, Representatives, Coaches and Parent ~ this is the THIRD year in a row that we have gone undefeated!  We are so proud of our thirty-six (36) Families, fifty-four (54) Swimmers, and four (4) Coaches.  Hats off for a job well done!



*CHAMPS* (2017 & 2018)

2018 Five Oaks Stingray Swim Team
Division 111 Champions

We’re looking for Swim Team Group photos from other years:


Year 2007
Year 2006






Year 2016
Year 2014


Year 2015


*Champs* ~ Year 2017

Our Beloved Five Oaks Pets (a work in progress)

Maya *after* Adoption


(work in progress)

Maya & Hugh (*before* adoption)

Sad Story w/Happy Ending:  A little pooch was found tied up in a Five Oaks backyard ~ abandoned!   It was discovered a resident moved out and left this cutie without water or food for nine days.   She was in poor shape, and picked up by the Shelter. But after she got a full workup and found to be adoptable, our long time residents, Hugh and Kay Bailey, brought her home, and named her *Maya*.   Maya had several loving years with the Baileys before she passed.  Maya will always be remembered by the many Five Oaks people who loved her.

In the Fall of 2013,  I would see a Neighbor quite often carrying a rather large turtle to a grassy area and put her down; and again, picking her up and putting her down – and again and again.  Although the Lake was sort-of close by, it could not be seen from where she was standing.  Out of curiosity, I stopped one day and asked the Neighbor if the turtle was her pet, and why continually up and down, up and down?   She explained to me that she volunteered her services to rescuing and rehabilitating turtles.   She then went on to introduce me to the turtle, *Nancy Reagan*, who was looking rather poorly at the time.  She had been hit by a car, and her once thick shell, was not looking very healthy.   The Neighbor brought the turtle home for a little R&R, and part of her ritual with Nancy was to get her outside for her daily exercise.  She certainly got that exercise, cause every time the Neighbor put her down, Nancy would scoot her way (as only a turtle could scoot) in the direction of the Lake.  Nancy had a purpose!  I was told, at a much later date, that Nancy was back to her ole turtlely self – and finally enjoying her life in a body water somewhere  (posted by Ellen 5/14/2018)    WANNA MEET *NANCY REAGAN*?

If you see anything amiss on this page or any page of the website; or have any suggestions, a pooch you would like to honor or a Five Oaks story that should be told, or just say something nice, please feel free to leave a Comment  (scroll way down below).  Can’t guarantee anything, but sure will give it a shot.

Sweet sweet Chester:  Chester was one of the very few *first* visitors to our Dog Park back in August of 2004. Chester has long since passed, but he will always be remembered by the beautiful red Camillia bush to the left of the park’s entrance gate (planted in his memory). When it bloomed this year (2018), it was so sweet and gorgeous, and so was he!


Jimmy, Johnny & Beau


Community Saga: (happy boy happy ending)




A very *quick* video of Logan & friend Binky:  Oh how I wish I would have taken more!  MaryBinkyLogan

The History of Bunco (Bunco is back in Five Oaks)

Bunco is back @ our Clubhouse the last Monday of every month 7pm!


Bunco dates back to the late 1800’s, and was played by groups of women, school children and couples.  The old fashioned game of the future is becoming ever more popular at parties, social events, and new groups are popping up across the country.

This progressive dice game, under its original name of 8-Dice Cloth was played in England during the 18th century.  It was unknown in the United States until 1855, when it was introduced into San Francisco during the Gold Rush by a crooked gambler.  This shady character, traveling from the East to West coast had made many stops in route to the California gold fields.  He also made various changes to the gambling game he called Banco.  After a few years. the game and activity was re-christened Bunco or Bunko.  During this same period, a Spanish card game, Banco, and its Mexican derivative, Monte, were also introduced to the to the population of San Francisco.  Bunco dice and Bunco cards were combined to form a more efficient method of separating the hardworking citizens from their money at numerous gambling locations,  These locations were known as Bunco parlors.  Hence, the word Bunco came to be a general term that applied to all scams, swindling and confidence games.  After the Civil War and into the turn of the century, Bunco flourished as the population grew and the economy recovered.  Between 1870 and 1880,  in virtually every large city in the country, Bunco-Banco games were in operation.  Some Bunco locations were furnished elaborately while others resembled professional offices.

During the 1880’s, and into the mid 1890’s, Bunco was played in Texas & Oklahoma, through Kansas & Missouri, in towns and cities along the Ohio and Mississippi rivers, and from New York to the Great Lakes states.  Through the Victorian era and prior to WW1, Bunco had achieved permanent placement as a traditional family or parlor game, promoting social interaction.  During this period, Bunco groups, consisting of 8-12 people and as many as 20 people enjoyed an evening of food, drink, conversation, and friendly competition.  During Prohibition and the roaring 20’s, the infamous Bunco gambling parlors resurfaced in various regions of the US.  The most notorious speak-eases and Bunco dice parlors were located in and around Chicago, Illinois,  The term “Bunco Squad” referred to the detectives who raided these establishments!

After Prohibition, Bunco group activity declined in the major cities of the country, but spread to the suburbs as housing development and migratory population expanded nationally.  Not much was heard about Bunco activity from 1940-1980 (WW1, Korea, Vietnam).  Since the early 1980’s Bunco activity has increased due to a combination of circumstances; a return to traditional family values, a sense of neighborhood and community and, the desire and need for social interaction.  Traditionally most Bunco groups consist of 12 players (usually groups of women & occasionally couples).  Kids are even beginning to play at parties and other social events.  Playing Bunco is great way to maintain relationships and make new friends.

Bunco is an easy fun game of dice, luck and prizes.    Join us @ the Clubhouse



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Meet Stefan (a talented, happy, sad – and powerful life story)


(a talented, happy, sad, but so powerful life story)

Stefan has been a long time resident of our Five Oaks Community.  He is a wonderful talented individual with a powerful life story.  Through the years, I have enjoyed his many jokes, and have had the pleasure of listening to this talented sweet guy!

(hover n’click)

Thank you Stefan for sharing; and our thanks to Rosann for bringing this wonderful story to our attention!

Please feel free to leave a *Comment* below!





The Hungarian Club of the Triangle


(provided by Judy, a long time Resident of Five Oaks)
Dated June 2, 2018

Hungarian Festival Sweetie!

Hungarian Festival @ Five Oaks Clubhouse

The Hungarian Club of the Triangle has been meeting at the Five Oaks Clubhouse for over fifteen (15) years.  The first Hungarian Festival was held at the Clubhouse in 2012, and an invitation extended to the Five Oaks Community.  The decorations and the fine art pieces are put together by the Hungarian Folk, and authentic Hungarian dishes are prepared and served. Beautiful traditional decorations are created and demonstrated by these amazingly talented people.  Needless to say, it has been a great success!

Lovely authentic Festival decorations!

In later years, the Five Oaks Community has had the opportunity to enjoy this lovely traditional event on a few occasions.  This year we have good news.  The Festival is now scheduled for November 4, 2018 at the Clubhouse.  Don’t miss this fun event.  Join us!


Very first Festival @ the Clubhouse in 2012!




(Information provided by four long time Butternut Road Homeowners)
(Rosan, Marylu Dow & David)

(Message posted by Rosan – Dated May 30, 2018)

In the Beginning:
Bobby Roberts and his brother were the original developers of Five Oaks—the plan was to have townhouses/condo, smaller garden or patio homes, and larger single family homes all in the Five Oaks development.  In 1974, the 4100 townhomes were constructed and furnished models helped potential buyers decide which townhouse they were interested in buying.  The first single family houses on Butternut Road were shells under construction and unfinished until Rosan bought her house in Fall of 1974 and she moved into the house in early 1975.  The developers had their architect design four houses and after building one would reverse the plan so that the four designs appeared to be eight different houses—the designs are quintessential 1970s architecture.

Long Time Residents:
Only two of the original owners of houses still live on Butternut Road—Mary Jane and Rosan.  Many long-time residents still reside on Butternut—parents of young children when they bought their homes and now they are grandparents.  In 1975 the pine trees in Rosan’s front yard only came to the roof line – now they are huge!

Security Guard Booth:
With all the construction going on in 1974, the developers installed a security guard booth and gate at the entrance to the development to prevent construction equipment and materials from being stolen and which were removed once the Roberts Brothers were gone.

In 1974:
The 11 miles of I-40 (from 15-501 to joining I-40 going to Raleigh) had not been built and land was vacant between East Gate Shopping Center and the Five Oaks development.  Utility lines were buried and all homes were electric until gas lines were installed several years later.  Water was furnished by the City of Durham and residents were billed at the outside-city rates.  Residents had private garbage pick-up twice a week but there was no recycling or yard waste pick-up.  The original developers turned Five Oaks Drive, Butternut Road and Pine Cone over to the State and thus the homeowners have never been responsible for repairs or repaving of these streets.  For some reason the streets for the town houses were not turned over to the State of North Carolina and therefore the homeowners (HOA) are responsible for the repairing and maintenance of their streets.  A tertiary sewage treatment plant was built into the development and the treated sewage discharged into the holding pond (a.k.a. “lake”).  Once the City annexed Five Oaks the sewage treatment plant was abandoned but the building is still present at the back of the property.

Recreational Assn:
Townhouse and condo owners are required to join the Five Oaks Recreational Assn. and once the developers were gone, the Board of Directors of each HOA became responsible for decision-making, assessments for repairs, etc.  A swimming pool with lifeguards and tennis courts with a tennis pro on site were early amenities for the Members, and although initially for only the residents of the Five Oaks development and their guests, membership was later opened to others outside the Five Oaks community, including the Butternut Road homeowners.

Moving of Clubhouse:
The Clubhouse had to be moved when the 11 miles of I-40 connecting 15-501 to the I-40 corridor to Raleigh was under construction due to requirement for a noise buffer between residential areas and an Interstate highway.    The original location of the Clubhouse did not allow for sufficient noise abatement from I-40 traffic and was moved a short distance.

For the first decade, the Five Oaks development was unincorporated within Durham County.  The Durham County Sheriff’s Office provided police protection with the Parkwood Volunteer Fire Department providing fire service and a volunteer E.M.T. service.  Duke Power (a.k.a. Duke Energy) installed and maintained the street lights.  Both Chapel Hill and the City of Durham sought to annex Five Oaks for the revenue.  Residents addressed the City Council asserting that they did not want nor need to be annexed into either Chapel Hill or Durham City since they had all of the services they needed and it would mean doubling property taxes for the Five Oaks residents.  Unfortunately, the N.C. General Assembly passed a statute that enabled municipalities to annex areas without the consent of affected residents.  Five Oaks was annexed into the City of Durham and went on City Water and Sewage treatment, fire, E.M.T. and police protection as well as the Durham County Sheriff’s Office, and solid waste pick-up changed to weekly.

Five Oaks Lake
(app 10 acre)

The Five Oaks “Lake”
(a.k.a. tertiary sewage treatment holding pond):
The lake has been periodically stocked with fish and people did fish in the small “lake”.  It has had to be drained on several occasions due to beavers building dams and causing problems.   Muskrats may also have been burrowing into the soil under the lake; at least one beaver has been spotted in the lake lately.   The pond has to be drained slowly, the debris from the aquatic rodents removed and then the pond allowed to refill from rain water.  Geese are attracted to the lake and no longer migrate becoming year round pond residents.  Loss of habitat in Durham county for wild life has resulted in a herd of small white-tailed deer in the development and we also have a mated pair of Red Shouldered hawks year round.

Speed bumps:
The design of the original speed bumps on Clubhouse Drive were the raised Five Oaks logo in concrete that spanned across the street but they had to be removed due to constant complaints regarding tire and front-end alignment damage caused by these creative speed bumps.



Note f/Ellen:  Our thanks to the four long time Butternut Rd residents for their help in preserving the history of our lovely Community.
Note f/Ellen:  It is no longer necessary to stock the Lake with fish, and fishing is enjoyed, but on the Clubhouse side only.

Do you have any information about our history/tidbits or old photos about our Community?  Also if you should see anything amiss (misspellings) on the website; have something to contribute, and/or any suggestions, on this page or any Blog within the site, please feel free to leave a Comment here (scroll way down below). 


Can’t guarantee anything, but sure will give it


Community Saga & Jayce


*Our Wanderer*

Our *Wandering* Pooch

(Jan 2018)  A large stray dog took up residence in the Five Oaks Community.  This stray found shelter under a porch or two, as well as in the old water treatment shed across the Lake.  This pooch appeared calm, confident and certainly *street smart*. Many of our neighbors, while walking their dogs, encountered him just standing and staring ~ not at them, but their dogs (friendly but kept his distance).  Not to be too anthropomorphic, he was wary of people, but it was apparent he yearned for canine companionship.  Through the many weeks he wandered loose around our neighborhood, and he met and made many friends/admirers.  One of his regular hangouts, with the guidance of Independent Animal Rescue (IAR), was his *feeding station*,  with many neighbors contributing kibble.  IAR was an extremely important player in this saga – providing and assisting with setting up a humane trap at the location of the feeding station. Through these weeks, he was also spotted on Farrington Rd, Durham Chapel Hill Rd, Prescott Pl, with eighty (80) responses flooding the NextDoor site

(Feb 2018) This marked the beginning of a fight to save our *wandering* pooch.  And again, Gina and Emily (IAR volunteers) offered to help, and came up with a plan: (1) we need to get him to come to the same location; (2) two Five Oaks neighbors (Barbara) will feed him at specific times twice  day; (3) other than these two Neighbors, all others will stop feeding him; (4) he must be enticed to come to the same place and at the same time for food; (5) donations of food was welcomed; (6) thanked everyone for the outpouring of concerns for our Wanderer; (7) searching for a loving forever home.  By law, all stray dogs must be surrendered to Animal Control for rabies testing, but with IAR’s involvement, he could be fostered from Animal Control as soon as he was approved for release.  One problem!  He had to be trapped first!  He, indeed, started to come to the feeding area (loved hot dogs, but rather picky about his kibble).  Now, a perfect trap was necessary!  After jumping through hoops, a Missy Trap, although labor intensive to install, was finally in place at the feeding location.
(Mar 2018)  One morning, our Wanderer was trapped, but only for fifteen (15) minutes.  He actually dug his way out, and trotted off once again to wander.  He did, however, return on several occasions ~~ no doubt looking for his turkey, and especially his hot dogs.  It was decided a more traditional larger trap was necessary.  And again, jumping through even more hoops, there was success with Orange County delivering a new trap.  An alert was put out to avoid leashing him; he had to feel comfortable around people; he must maintain low stress levels (it was learned through these many weeks, that he certainly did not like being confined or touched).  The food dish was placed half way into the new trap (the trap is triggered when he noses around the bowl to eat).  But when he returned to the area to have his daily meal, this smart pooch actually pulled the dish completely out of the trap, before the trap could engage.  He was again off to wander!  The dish was then shoved to the back. We had the help of a Neighbor (who had an excellent view of the area where the trap was located); and she would report all the sightings of our pooch.  There were also two ‘dead dog on the highway’ scares; one was a coyote and one was a deer.  But each scare heightened the reminder of what was at stake ~ anxious time for the people manning the front line, as well as the Five Oaks Community and her sister Communities.   It’s also to be noted here that every avenue possible was exhausted through these many weeks to find this guy’s owner, but sadly to no avail. Also, sadly, he was not micro-chipped!
(Mar 18, 2018) Volunteers, over several hours, attempted to get a leash on our Wanderer, but each time, although friendly (especially if they were accompanied by a dog), as soon as he spotted the leash, he would quietly back away, and trot off.  He was a master of evasion. After a month and a half, all it took was Roxie (Wonder Dog), and Ron (Dog Whisperer).  For some mysterious canine reason, he acted like a puppy around Ron ~~ his new favorite people. Ron was able to pet him, hold him, and ultimately simply pick him up and quietly place him in the crate. Ron had developed a good relationship with our Wanderer, saying he is a normal, affectionate pooch, who absolutely loves Roxie.   With the help of Gina (IAR volunteer) and Barbara (Five Oaks), he was then delivered to the Orange County Animal Control.  Our Wanderer was concerned, but calm and gentlemanly throughout.
(Mar 24, 2018)  Barbara (Five Oaks) and Gina (IAR) delivered him to his foster home, with a huge fenced in yard (reinforced to thwart digging).  Although through these many weeks, our Wanderer was referred to Skippy/Spotty, it was decided, Gina (IAR) had earned naming rights, and our Five Oaks Skippy/Spotty is certainly a *Trooper*.   Trooper continues to thrive with his loving foster parents and many friends, where he continues to work on his social skills.
(May 2018) Trooper is now in his forever home.  Ethan (a tall, slow moving  quiet guy) and Erika (who has been working with Trooper at a Doggie Care Center) have officially adopted Trooper – and he is now known as Jayce.   Similar to his relationship with Ron, he acts like a smitten puppy around Ethan.  He has become a shameless lapdog ~~ dignity surrendered.  He’s a happy boy, with two female doggie friends; and he also trots (or wanders) off daily to the Day Care Center with Erika.  #HappyBoyHappyEnding!
A Wanderer no more, and lovin’ it!
So many to thank:  The team of IAR, Mary, Gina, Barbara, Sally, Dana, Tom, Pattie, Veronica, Emily, Andy, folks of the Five Oaks Community, folks of our surrounding Communities, and our thanks to Barbara, for her diligence and dedication, and to Barbara & Sally for providing the contents of this Saga ~ with a wee bit of poetic license by Ellen.  And, of course, a huge thank you to Erika and Ethan ~~ for giving our infamous wandering pooch a loving forever home!.




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FIVE OAKS CREATURES (work in progress)


(always a work in progress)
Judy: Long time artistic resident has provided us with 95% of these awesome photographs. Thank you Judy!





Mr. BlueJay: Dinner Time!


Dropping in for Lunch!
Stairs to *Eats*!
Enjoying breakfast!


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Can’t guarantee anything, but sure will try.


Handsome guy just hanging around!


“Red is the ultimate cure for sadness” quote b/Bill Blass
Meet *Nancy Reagan* (Nov 2013)


*Happy Feet*



A full belly!


A visiting Turtle ~ lots n’lots of  ’em in our Lake.








Hi there pretty one!


Gosling Sightings:
(May 6, 2018) This is a first for me ~~ seeing *one* gosling family!  There has to have been others that just didn’t survive for one reason or another (sad).  I sure hope this little guy can make it;  (May 7, 2018) Family of six goslings (and a few ducks) sighted today;  (May 18, 2018) Another first for me ~ these two families are traveling together.  So cute cause there are six little bitty ones and one somewhat larger (who has survived alone) actually hanging out together.  I’ll keep trying to get a photo ~ stay tuned. Have you spotted any other families, or have a photo?.  If so, please leave a Comment below, and I’ll for sure post it (Ellen).

*Hey ~ don’t leave*
Company for Lunch!
*Hello ~ Welcome*