A Review of Five Oaks Events (always a work in progress)

JB Duke Hotel Holiday Luncheon


December 15, 2018 Holiday Luncheon
(Posted by Ellen)

What can we say ~ our Five Oaks Holiday Luncheon at the JB Duke Hotel on Duke Campus was yet another lovely Holiday occasion with a delicious buffet, a Secret Santa that paid for all the drinks, the bartender’s surprise drink, and Christmas Scratch-off Lottery tickets with two winners ($10 & $2). We were in the Barista of the Hotel enjoying a private dining area with an exceptional nice and attentive waiter. Lots of chatting and laughter with good friends and neighbors (with the bonus of meeting a new 4100 Member)!  What more could you ask for in this 2018 Holiday Season!  Merry Christmas everyone!

Hope to see ya all at our January luncheon!  KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE FIVE OAKS EVENT CALENDAR!


Nov 17, 2018 Outback Luncheon

November 17, 2018 Lunch Bunch:
(posted by Ellen)
I may sound like a broken record, and maybe, just maybe, that Irish Coffee was too darn delicious ~ but today’s Luncheon was the *bestest* ever!  So much fun, and such lovely people ~ thank you to each and everyone of you. And thank you to one of our new Five Oaks Members who shared her talent with us.  I chose the gorgeous Azalea garden, and I love it ~ thank you Lyn.  And you’re positively correct ~ “these are life’s special moments in natural, beautiful and spontaneous images”.

Five Oaks Holiday Lunch Bunch:
We now have reservations for our ever popular Holiday Luncheon on Saturday December 15th (12:30pm) in the Barista location (no stairs) of the JB Duke Restaurant. I was assured that this area, although *modern* compared to the *traditional* Washington Duke Inn, we would of course, enjoy the usual beauty of holiday decorations ~ poinsettias, wreaths & trees! I was also told that you may order a’ la carte from the luncheon menu, or enjoy their *upscale* luncheon Buffet (with a Chef’s Station). The Buffet is $19.00 per person (with a 19% tip added). The Buffet would be my choice. They will accept separate checks, and we will all be sitting at the same long table (no round tables), with comfortable seating (no high tops, no benches).   
https://www.jbdukehotel.com/dine/  (12 minute drive/6.3 miles).

Circle this enjoyable annual Holiday event to save the date (Dec 15th), and email me now (or whenever) with your RSVP. And please tell me you are *happy*!

RSVP: ellen@fiveoaksclub.com

Other Five Oaks Holiday Events:
We have so many Holiday events coming up here in the Five Oaks Community.  My suggestion would be check the Five Oaks Calendar on a regular basis ~ cause there could be additions, eliminations and/or changes.  While you’re in there, check out our Bunco games (Nov 26 & Dec 10), our Fun Brown Bag Tuesdays (Nov 27), Holiday Euchre (Dec 7), Santa’s visit (Dec 12), and so much more!   http://fiveoaksclub.wpengine.com/events/
Please please leave a *Comment* (scroll way down), or just give me your preference for future Lunch Bunch venues.
Have a lovely Thanksgiving everyone!

Ellen Gilmartin, Administrative Assistant
Five Oaks Recreational Assn, Inc.
October 24, 2018 Fun Tuesdays
posted by Ellen)
I had the pleasure of taking part in a *Fun Tuesday* yesterday afternoon at the Clubhouse. Under the direction of Mary, we made the cutest pumpkins (photo attached). I absolutely love them, and my thanks to Mary. I’ve also attached a group photo of some other activities also under the direction of our talented Mary. If you look over that photo you will see: (1) the book *Brooklyn* which is being discussed, and Mary is actually providing the book (on loan); (2) an adorable coaster, and learn how to knit (Mary provides the needles & yard); and (3) those really cute pumpkins ~ so easy!. Last Tuesday they met at the Clubhouse and carpooled to the movie to see *A Star is Born* ~ sorry I missed it. And Tuesday, October 30th ~ a Pot Luck. Family Trees and DNA, and what its all about will be on a future calendar.



Easy to Make!

You don’t have to be a member of Five Oaks to enjoy this delightful daytime activity; and in fact, you may enjoy yourself so much, you might even consider a membership sometime in the future. We would love to meet you.

Pumpkins, Coaster, Brooklyn, Yarn, Needles & Fabric


October 2, 2018 Fun & Interesting Tuesdays
(posted by Ellen)
My thanks to Mary for an interesting afternoon at the Clubhouse.  We enjoyed our Brown Bag lunch and lots of chatting, followed by the Five Crowns card game (which she taught).   I’m looking forward to teaching Five Crowns to my family.

Mary has scheduled a different fun and interesting activity for each Tuesday, and is open to any suggestions for future Tuesdays.  If you’re home during the day, this is a Five Oaks event for you ~ join us!



September 15, 2018 Lunch Bunch
(posted by Ellen)
The Cheesecake factory with more than 250 menu items and more that 50 signature cheesecakes and desserts on the menu, there is something for everyone. As usual, we had a nice crowd that attended, and the highlight of the afternoon was a Show n’Tell which was very enjoyable.  So much so, we are doing it again for our October Lunch Bunch.

August 18, 2018 Lunch Bunch
(posted by Ellen)
The Margaritas were so so good ~ and *freshly squeezed*.  And the newly opened Monterrey Mexican Restaurant in Rams Plaza was a good pick and a hit with the crowd.  Thanks to Ashley and Candy for all their help, and to Rita for all the great pictures taken through the years (one attached here).

Really good conversation, as well as interesting information, when a suggestion was thrown out there; “Tell us something about yourself that we don’t know”.  Thank you all – so enjoyable!

Stay tuned, The Cheesecake Factory is a possibility for our September 15th luncheon.  You don’t want to miss this one!

Please please leave a *Comment* (scroll way down), and include your preference for future Lunch Bunch venues.


July 21, 2018 Lunch Bunch
(posted by Ellen)
Thank you all!  I can’t tell you how much I enjoy my time with my neighbors and friends the third Saturday of every month!  The conversation, the laughter and just all round pleasantry is so enjoyable. It’s such a great opportunity to meet and chat with old and new friends.  You are special group of people ~~ and again, thank you all for sharing yet another Saturday afternoon with me.

Although we have had many good luncheons over the many years, this past Lunch Bunch at P.F. Changs was up there as one of the best.  Food was excellent and our Server (Michael) was absolutely amazing.  A couple of us arrived early and found a beautiful table setting with wine glasses at each place.  The words *Cheers* were elegantly engraved on each glass ~ but each one in a different language. Such a lovely touch!
Now that’s a *Birthday* candle!

Please feel free to leave a *Comment* below, and include your preference for a future Lunch Bunch venue!

Guys n’Gals – all ages!


July 4, 2018
(posted by Ellen)
Two (2) great reasons to celebrate this past Wednesday. We celebrated our Country’s 247th birthday, and our Five Oaks Stingray Swim Team two years in row – undefeated.  Our July 4th celebration was a huge success with a big Member turnout!!

To Lina and Cheryl, (Team Reps), to Josh, and to all the volunteers for their hard work and dedication in putting this day together – thank you ~ thank you!  And go Stingrays!

A good time was had by all!  

2006. 2007. 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 2018 TEAM PHOTOS


June 25, 2018 Bunco:
(posted by Ellen)
OMG ~ Last night’s Bunco game (June 25) at the Clubhouse was a wonderful fun evening! We met so many delightful new neighbors, and welcomed back many of our long time players.  It didn’t take long for the game to be off and running – despite having so many Newbies.  And, we had some really nice door prizes thanks to Caroline and her Mom. Thank you so much Ladies ~  it was such an enjoyable evening, and a pleasure meeting you all. We hope to see you at our next Bunco night on July 30th (7pm), and again and again every last Monday of the month thereafter.  Always check the Five Oaks website (Calendar of Events) to confirm Bunco, as well as the many other events that we enjoy here in our Five Oaks Community. FULL CALENDAR OF EVENTS

Reminder Tips:
*If you hover over the event on the Calendar, a white notice will appear; BUT if you click the actual event (smack in the middle), the formal (beige in color) notice will pop up;
* Main Room could be on the chilly side – bring a sweater;
* Bring $6.00 – preferably a $5 & a $1 bills, or 6 ones ~ (difficult giving change of ten or twenty, but in a pinch, we’ll find a way);
* If you’re so inclined, bring something/anything to share (but if you have been rushed, not necessary);
* BYOB – no drinks available at the Clubhouse;
* At the beginning of the game:  Consider helping to set up
* At the end of the evening:        Consider helping to clean up.
* Unless you’re absolutely ill, exhausted or have an important date, don’t dash out immediately after the last game.  We’re a team to put the Clubhouse back the way we found it, and more importantly, we sit down, relax, chat and divvy the prizes out (money & sometimes gifts).  The money prizes are given back to the players; (but spread around to different players  🙂
Please feel free to leave a Comment below.  See ya all next month, or maybe before at one of our many events!

Ellen Gilmartin, Administrative Assistant
Five Oaks Recreational Association, Inc

*a nice touch* NAMU

June 16, 2018 Lunch Bunch:
(posted by Pixie)
My husband Bob and I attended today’s lunch bunch at NAMU at Straw Valley in Durham.  We absolutely loved it! The food was extraordinary. Well prepared, fresh and nicely presented. Most of us had something different and were equally pleased. The wait staff were very helpful. Having to order at their serving bar was very helpful. It gave us opportunity to have all questions answered. All in all, a great afternoon!!
May 28, 2018 Memorial Day Celebration (1:30pm)
Although the weather was sortof yucky, our Pool Memorial Celebration was very enjoyable.  There was a people count of approximately forty (40); half adults and half kids.  The slide was a hit, the soda dive was fun, and Pizza and Ice Cream served.  And at this hour, there were actually quite a few in the pool.  If anyone should have a photo of today’s event, please send it, so it may be included here.    ***************************************************************************************************************
May 19, 2018 Lunch Bunch:
The location, the food, the presentation, and the comradeship all blended together for yet another enjoyable Five Oaks Lunch Bunch at the Fusion Fish in Chapel Hill. We welcomed a new 4100 Neighbor; said *hello* to a few who had moved away, (so glad they keep coming back); some who returned from vacation or illness, and of course, our long time Lunch Bunchers. Thank you Ladies & Gents for a fun afternoon!  FULL CALENDAR OF FIVE OAKS EVENTS


May 19, 2018

Posted by Chris (dated 6/4/2018)
Yoga in the Clubhouse has been a wonderful addition to the offerings in Five Oaks for the last month. Classes have been well attended with 5-15 students practicing per class. We have been exploring proper alignment in basic yoga poses, slowly building our practice, and incorporating some meditation techniques each week.

Please come and join us.  We would love to have you!



If you see anything amiss on this page or any page of the website; or have a review of a particular event and/or photo, let us know by way of the Comment section below, or just post any nice message for fun; and be sure to read all the Comments below.   
Can’t guarantee anything, but sure will try.



13 thoughts on “A Review of Five Oaks Events (always a work in progress)”

  1. Lunch Bunch is such a fun way to stay connected to Five Oaks friends, especially for those of us who have moved, but still live nearby.

  2. Enjoyed Lunch Bunch today – not only was the Fusion Fish awesome, with our bubbly waitress Nina, but food was incredible, as were desserts! It’s always great to reconnect with neighbors and meet new folks! Lunch Bunch is a great way to check out new restaurants in the area, too!

  3. As always, Lunch Bunch was so much fun today! Saw old friends, made new friends, and thoroughly enjoyed my meal at Fusion Fish!

  4. As always, Lunch Bunch was great. Enjoyed everything about it, The food was really good, but most of all – the group of people.

  5. I’ve not been to one of these yet, as I’m still in the midst of unpacking, but I hope to attend soon!

  6. Yesterday’s lunch bunch was such fun! Food was exquisite, service friendly and efficient (Nina), The camaraderie, friendliness and respect for everyone prevails! A fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon. A great way to try a new restaurant. The owner stopping in to see how everything was….a nice touch!

  7. I so very much enjoyed being back with The Bunch, and enjoyed the food and the ambiance at -new to me- Fusion Fish.. It was good to reconnect with long-time friends, and wonderful to meet new ones. My huge thanks and gratitude goes to my new friend, Ashley, who is an excellent and thoughtful driver.

  8. As always, Five Oaks makes the Memorial Day fun, especially for the kids. Thanks to all the hard work and flexibility with weather.

  9. I had such a good time at Bunco last night! It was a really fun evening and everyone was really patient with me since I’m a newbie to the game. Hope to see everyone again in July.

  10. I agree completely, Ellen! Loved reading your beautiful review of our lunch at PF Changs yesterday. The birthday girl Raquel was presented with a piece of cheesecake and a giant sparkler on top. A very enjoyable 3 hours!

  11. Bob and I joined the Holiday Lunch Bunch yesterday. What a great time! We gathered at the JB Duke Hotel in Durham. Everyone was in a very festive mood…….the area was decorated for the holidays…. The food was delicious and well prepared…. Served by a delightful waiter, Luis, who took really good care of all of us…..Secret Santa left scratch off tickets at every place and paid for all our “beverages”. Well attended by long time attendees and new comers! Hope to see everyone and more in January….come and enjoy!

  12. Holiday Lunch Bunch at the JB Duke Hotel was delightful. Good food, fun time, and great people! Thank you, Secret Santa, for scratch off tickets and free “beverages.” Looking forward to our next Lunch Bunch outing.

  13. As a new social member of Five Oaks since this summer, I have to say it is a lively and fun group of people who enjoy getting together and might I add that they enjoy delicious food! I have participated in Bunco nights, Saturday lunches, Thursday evening Loft socials and the Holiday luncheon at the JB Duke Hotel was a lovely event as already described by Pixie and Annette. The Holiday Bunco night at Robins was also a delight! Best of all for me is making new friends with such wonderful people! For anyone who reads this, joining as a social member at Five Oaks is the best gift you can give yourself! Try it! You’ll like it!!! Have a wonderful Holiday everyone and I wish good things come your way in 2019!

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