Our Beloved Five Oaks Pets (a work in progress)

Maya *after* Adoption


(work in progress)

Maya & Hugh (*before* adoption)

Sad Story w/Happy Ending:  A little pooch was found tied up in a Five Oaks backyard ~ abandoned!   It was discovered a resident moved out and left this cutie without water or food for nine days.   She was in poor shape, and picked up by the Shelter. But after she got a full workup and found to be adoptable, our long time residents, Hugh and Kay Bailey, brought her home, and named her *Maya*.   Maya had several loving years with the Baileys before she passed.  Maya will always be remembered by the many Five Oaks people who loved her.

In the Fall of 2013,  I would see a Neighbor quite often carrying a rather large turtle to a grassy area and put her down; and again, picking her up and putting her down – and again and again.  Although the Lake was sort-of close by, it could not be seen from where she was standing.  Out of curiosity, I stopped one day and asked the Neighbor if the turtle was her pet, and why continually up and down, up and down?   She explained to me that she volunteered her services to rescuing and rehabilitating turtles.   She then went on to introduce me to the turtle, *Nancy Reagan*, who was looking rather poorly at the time.  She had been hit by a car, and her once thick shell, was not looking very healthy.   The Neighbor brought the turtle home for a little R&R, and part of her ritual with Nancy was to get her outside for her daily exercise.  She certainly got that exercise, cause every time the Neighbor put her down, Nancy would scoot her way (as only a turtle could scoot) in the direction of the Lake.  Nancy had a purpose!  I was told, at a much later date, that Nancy was back to her ole turtlely self – and finally enjoying her life in a body water somewhere  (posted by Ellen 5/14/2018)    WANNA MEET *NANCY REAGAN*?

If you see anything amiss on this page or any page of the website; or have any suggestions, a pooch you would like to honor or a Five Oaks story that should be told, or just say something nice, please feel free to leave a Comment  (scroll way down below).  Can’t guarantee anything, but sure will give it a shot.

Sweet sweet Chester:  Chester was one of the very few *first* visitors to our Dog Park back in August of 2004. Chester has long since passed, but he will always be remembered by the beautiful red Camillia bush to the left of the park’s entrance gate (planted in his memory). When it bloomed this year (2018), it was so sweet and gorgeous, and so was he!


Jimmy, Johnny & Beau


Community Saga: (happy boy happy ending)




A very *quick* video of Logan & friend Binky:  Oh how I wish I would have taken more!  MaryBinkyLogan

3 thoughts on “Our Beloved Five Oaks Pets (a work in progress)”

  1. Beautiful job putting together Jacey’s story! I miss our many chance encounters, especially the time he and Mikey stared at each other across a ditch — I held my breath as I let out my little guy’s leash, but knew it would be ok. They sniffed nose-to-nose, then got properly dog-acquainted. We went on our way, and he followed for a while. So glad to know he’s home now!!!

  2. Well done, Ellen! Love seeing the photo of my dearly departed little Chester on the Five Oaks site! He was a good little shih tzu with many doggie and human friends in Five Oaks.

  3. Sad, but also beautiful stories! I can’t phantom anyone leaving another living being tied up (without any food nor water!!!) as Maya’s former owner did. Fortunately, she got lucky & found new foster parents who truly loved & cared for the loving pooch in her last yrs. on earth. May she R.I.P. I do believe there’s a HIGHER POWER watching over us, even when things don’t go as we wish or expect them to!! Thx the care ya’ll had given to these animals ?

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