Meet Stefan (a talented, happy, sad – and powerful life story)


(a talented, happy, sad, but so powerful life story)

Stefan has been a long time resident of our Five Oaks Community.  He is a wonderful talented individual with a powerful life story.  Through the years, I have enjoyed his many jokes, and have had the pleasure of listening to this talented sweet guy!

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Thank you Stefan for sharing; and our thanks to Rosann for bringing this wonderful story to our attention!

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  1. I just received a personal email from Judy (another long time resident Five Oaks). She has given me her OK to pass this message on. Judy worked with Stefan’s wife (Leana) years ago in a pharmaceutical company in New Jersey; and coincidentally met up again as residents of Five Oaks, and believe it or not ~ once again working for the same company (small world). That winter, Judy took a bad fall and broke her left leg above the ankle. She was on crutches for six weeks, and could not drive. Leana came to her rescue; driving her daily to work. She was a God send! Judy would also like to say to Stefan that she thinks its wonderful that he is sharing his lifelong love for music with others – especially the ill. She also says: “God bless him..and keep up the beautiful work”!

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