One of Those!

The Pin Oak snowman originally stood tall ~~ honest!


Pin Oak Ct and the *Island* !

This morning my thoughts went on and on about a Five Oaks neighbor.  There was so much going through my mind, that I had to get a pad and pen,  and make notes ~~ and here’s what I scribbled down:

**  Spearheads our Community’s Neighborhood Watch program;
**. Attends Durham Police meetings;
**  Responsible for our annual National Night Out (a Neighborhood Watch evening);
**  Always volunteers to drive;
**  Visits and assists our older folk, our sick and troubled neighbors;
**  Walks the neighborhood for signatures & donations;
**  Builds our Community snowmen;
**  Helps with shoveling snow;
**  Organizes the Five Oaks Island Garage Sale;
**  Plans for neighborhood baby showers;
**  Takes beautiful Community photos;
**  Always has a smile;
**  Always there to help;
**  Attends all our Community events;
**  Always brings something delicious to share;
**  Has put Five Oaks Island (Pin Oak) on the map
**  We are unofficially voting her in as head of our *Sunshine Committee*.


And with all that, she still finds time to be her adventuress self:
**  Travels the World;
**  The NC Beach & our Community Pool is her happy places;
**  Always the first one up (& down) our Inflatable slide (not just once but many times);
**  Always at the Pool to get her laps in and socialize;
**  Last but certainly not least, don ‘t look for her on Sundays.  She will be in her beloved Church!
I would only hope that all neighborhoods would be blessed with *one of those* ~~ an amazing woman.  You all know who this lovely lady is….right?   Scroll down, leave a *Comment*, and say “hello” to Rita.
Rita (In Her Happy Place), Thank you Rita for being you!

Update b/Ellen 9/18/2018:
Rita accepted an Award from the Mayor of Durham for her tireless effort in creating and keeping our Neighborhood Watch program up and running.  See her photo  HERE!


2 thoughts on “One of Those!”

  1. What a very nice tribute to Rita! She is an awesome neighbor!!! I can’t thank her enough for all she does to bring our community together and make it a very special place to live.

    Our Pin Oak neighbor, and Neighborhood Watch Coordinator, Rita Vanags, has been selected by the City of Durham, to be awarded Durham’s *Neighbor Spotlight*. The purpose of this Durham program is to recognize residents who have gone above and beyond (1) the normal responsibilities to improve our Five Oaks Community; (2) increases involvement of other Five Oaks neighbors; (3) work to improve the safety and security of our Community; and (4) improve the quality of life within our Community. Rita will be presented with the Neighbor Spotlight Certificate by the Mayor of Durham during a City Council meeting. She will receive a sign that will display her Neighbor Spotlight selection; and she will be highlighted on the Durham Neighbor Spotlight website. Congratulations Rita for a job well done ~ the Five Oaks Community is appreciative of all you do, and we are so very proud of you! (dated 9/1/2018)

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