Elma Thompson Dog Park Story

Five Oaks Guys (from left to right: Logan, Binky, Mikey & Toby)

Elma Thompson Dog Park Story

It is no longer necessary to register for the Elma Thompson Dog Park:

In August (2018), the Five Oaks Elma Thompson Dog Park celebrates a fourteen (14) year Anniversary. The August 22, 2004 edition of the Durham Herald Sun, published a five (5) column spread (with photos) about our Dog Park.  We had a beautiful opening ceremony that day in memory of Elma, with her granddaughter, Mary, cutting the ribbon.  Elma  was a lovely, gentle, interesting lady. and we had many conversations before her death about her wishes to have a Dog Park where she and her Pooch, Minnie,  could sit, relax, and enjoy our Community. She would have been so proud of her Elma Thompson Dog Park.  No – my mistake: she IS proud of her Dog Park.

8/22/2004 Durham Herald Sun
Through kindness of a Neighbor ~ bench donated by Jordan Dealership

The Puppy Play dates brings me back in time with such joyous memories. Years ago, a few neighbors would make arrangements to meet in the Dog Park. We would bring our lunch, sometimes dessert ~ and just enjoy our beloved pets. We even had a Neighbor bring her *make believe* pooch.   Most of the pets, including mine, have since passed; and they are dearly missed. If you take a look at the front gate, there is a beautiful red bush blooming right now (Spring 2018) to the left of the sign in memory of one of our Beechnut Ln pets. His name was Chester! There were four other bushes planted on the other side of the gate, in memory of our other deceased pets – we tried, but sadly those bushes didn’t survive.

Have fun at your Pet Play date ladies – and please, while you’re there, think of Elma, Minnie and Chester – and oh yes ~~~ don’t forget my Logan!

I also would like to thank the Five Oaks neighbors, as well as Elma’s family, and her many friends, who so generosly donated to Elma’s Park, and who helped me in so many ways to get the Dog Pak going.  It took awhile Elma, but we did it!


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April 2018

Elma Thompson Dog Park Sign.

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