Feeling Rather Mushy

So Many Thoughts: Five Oaks Friends ‘n Neighbors, Our Pool, Geese, Goslings, Ducks, Herons, Cormorants, Fox, Dog Park, Lunch Bunch, Bunco, Poker


Five Oaks Pool

I’ve been feeling on the mushy side lately ~~ so here goes! I’ve been going to our pool probably four days a week, but I go in the morning ~~ to avoid the midday sun. It’s great ~~ I get my exercises in, and its so much easier doing it in water than it is at home. Never thought I would say this about exercise – but it’s actually delightful! My physical therapist is very proud of me 🙂  And I love our pool! I’ll miss it come Fall.

I sit on my deck overlooking the lake, and yes, since I put in my patio, I now can enjoy the geese! (but I wish they wouldn’t poop on my driveway or in the street). No Goslings this year ~~ and that was sad! I have enjoyed our one Blue Heron for years, and now I’m enjoying two of ’em. I  enjoyed our two Cormorants, but we’re down to one. When I moved here, I had a couple dozen ducks in my backyard – and sadly we’re down to one (hmm; haven’t seen him around lately either). And what ever happened to our Fox – not that I’m not glad he found greener pastures. He concerned me for a while.  It was the Fox that dwindled the duck population.

Photo by Susan

I have met so many nice people here and have made so many friends. I’ve been playing Bunco (last Monday of the month starting June 2018) for years, and wouldn’t miss it. Lunch Bunch, (every third Saturday of the month), is another of my favorite events.  I absolutely love going to our Garage Sales; having coffee and sitting and chatting with friends.  I haven’t played Poker in a while, but I’ll get back to it (I miss those guys).  I was even presented with a beautiful *Poker* placque from my Poker buddies.

The friends, the lake, the pool, the clubhouse, the parties/events, the dog park ~~~ I love it all. Its so nice to get personal messages from neighbors who have moved saying that they so enjoyed living here and how they miss Five Oaks. And they always send compliments about our Manager (Josh).
Constant visitor to the lake ~ *and then there were two*



If you haven’t taken in the beauty of our Community lately, we encourage you to take a walk around our Lake, and enjoy the beauty of it all, along with our wildlife.  I count my blessings every day that I live in such a unique Community.  Life is good!



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