An End of an Era

            *End of an Era*
(from Yahoogroups to Next Door)
 As many of you are aware, I created the Five Oaks Yahoogroup in 2003, and we had 284 Five Oaks Members – these include residents of Five Oaks and Social Members (those who reside outside of our Community).  It also includes several who have moved away, but enjoyed the Community so much, they put in a request to stay on.

This site has served our Community well through the years, and I want to thank Yahoo for providing the service and our members who have contributed on a daily basis.  We have found lost cats and dogs, found good homes for stray cats and dogs, including a pet mouse.  The feather in our cap has to be the home that posted for sale recently, and sold in two (2) hours.  We have reported activity surrounding our Lake and wildlife. We have reported home and car break-ins through the years (and have done so rather quickly).  We have found babysitters, house sitters, handymen, electricians, plumbers.  We have posted Clubhouse events galore, including our two longstanding events – Bunco & Lunch Bunch.  We reported Neighborhood Watch info.  We honored several members, and by request, have posted deaths and births.  We have posted information regarding Five Oak History.  One of my favorites are the many albums in our Photo Section – Wildlife, Pets, Lost n’found, Honored Members, Clubhouse Events, Holiday Events, Break-in Suspects, Security, and more. We have a great Swim Team here in Five Oaks.  I confess, there was a time when I attended and reported on all their Meets, but since my grandsons aged out, I have been neglectful in that Department.  Tennis activities and Tennis camps were posted on a regular basis.

We have overcome many battles, including a member complaining that the name Five Oaks cannot be used, as well as a battle over the legality of the group,  The name has gone unchanged, and we have won in all aspects.  Over the years, we have had controversial/nasty messages, and for that, we apologize. I have thoroughly enjoyed this group through many years, and for that I thank you all, but – now its time to step back.  I will be closing down Five Oaks Yahoogroups in about a month – probably around March 1, 2014.

I have been hearing good things about this great Community site, and honestly, I really like it.   It’s called Next Door ~ take a look around. One of our neighbors started it up and if all goes well, it will take over where I’m leaving off.  Ideally, we would love to see all 284 of you join this new site.  You’ll still have access to Five Oaks events, lost & found, break-ins, wildlife, Lunch Bunch, Bunco, Neighborhood Watch, and more.  I’m still checking out if it has a photo section.  I sure would miss our great Five Oaks pictures.  Hmmmm…what to do with our Photos?

OK everyone ~ do it now

And to all my Five Oaks Members:  Thanks again for everything,,

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