Geese, Goslings, Herons, Cormorants, Ducks & Tigers and Things

Geese, Goslings, Herons, Cormorants, Ducks, Tigers and Things

Tigers n’things!
Mama & Babies
Lakeside Babies (by Meghan & Rita):


I am so happy to see two families of goslings this year on our lake. There were none last year, and I really missed them. My niece was taking a course at UNC, and stayed with me for a few days. We had such a nice visit; with a few neighbors and Pizza on the back deck. When everyone left, we moved closer to the lake on the patio. As we did, one of the families glided softly on by us….. we were delighted!

Hatching Video (not Five Oaks but interesting nevertheless!)

The sightings of goslings pauses me to remember why I enjoy my Community,  my house,  my pooch, my health, the lake, the wildlife, my neighbor friends, my work, and the terrific guy that I work for, and so much more!
And then there were two!

(5/02/2018 Entry Date)  First Gosling sighted this Season:  But only one.  Sure hopes he survives!
(5/08/2018 Entry Date)  Family of six wee ones sighted today.

(5/10/2018 Entry Date)   Where are the Cormorants?  Every year in May, we get a few Cormorants visiting out Lake.  When I first spotted one a few years back, I thought it was a snake gliding through the water; going down under for long periods of time; coming up; and again gliding quickly across the Lake.  Through my binoculars, it was black in color and huge, and it was a Cormorant.  He would dive a few times, and each time he came up, he had a fish in his beak. He flipped the fish slightly in the air, and caught it again with such precision.  I was introduced to Cormorants when I volunteered at the  Marathon Wild Bird Center in Florida, but, this was a first for me; watching him dive and flip his dinner (so fascinating)!

Video: Hmmm, Cormorant or Shag?

I was told that at one time we had several visiting Cormorants.  Keep a look out for him,  because after he dives, since his wings are not fully waterproof, he spends long periods, standing with them outstretched to allow them to dry.  He also flies extremely low across the Lake, with his head tilted slightly upward.  It’s so easy to lose them, cause one minute they’re  there, and the next, they dive and don’t come up!  They actually will swallow pebbles to provide extra weight to allow them to dive deeper ~ and then they regurgitate the pebbles….really? If you should spot one, be patient and just stand there and watch (again so fascinating)!

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