Pool Information

Five Oaks operates two pools seasonally Memorial Day to Labor Day.  Our main pool offers both guarded and unguarded hours of operation.  Our wading pool is not guarded.   Check with the Five Oaks Office or call the Five Oaks Pool to get up-to-date status on operating hours.


Pool Hours

Monday thru Friday – 10:00am-1:00pm Unguarded & 1pm-9pm (or Sundown) Guarded

Friday & Saturday – 10:00am-9:00pm (or Sundown) Guarded All Hours

Sunday – 10:00am-8:00pm Guarded All Hours

SWIM TEAM:  The Five Oaks Swim Team practices mornings (8:30am-10am) and evenings (5:30pm- 7pm) mid May- early July.    In addition, the Swim Team will host several HOME MEETS, which will require the pool to be closed to the General Membership for a few hours at a time.  We will post upcoming closures within 24 hours of any anticipated event.

SUMMER CAMPS: Our Summer Camps have campers in the pool between 1:00pm and 4:00pm – there should never be more than fifteen (15) campers in the water with counselors at any one time.

POOL CLOSINGS: Our Pool Manager and Staff make all determinations as to pool closings due to inclement weather, lightning potential and safety concerns.  Please respect their decision to move swimmers out of the pool and to close the pool at will – if you have any questions about a closing, please contact the Five Oaks Office.

Pool Events

Memorial Day Weekend – This weekend we welcome our Membership to the pool and our Five Oaks Swim Team, the STINGRAYS, will host the Stingray Grill on Saturday.  There will be hamburgers and hotdogs with all of the fixings!  Donations to the Swim Team are suggested.

Fourth of July – One of our biggest and most fun weekends of the year.  The Five Oaks Swimteam will be serving up more goodies from the grill and we usually have a raffle and games galore!

POOL PHONE:  (919) 493-2604 – Do not leave messages at this phone number – If you have a concern or request, please contact the Five Oaks Office.

GUEST POLICY: All Guests must be accompanied by a Five Oaks Member when visiting any area of the property.  Guest Fees are $10.00/Day payable at the Five Oaks Office or Five Oaks Pool, when staff is on-site.  We do not have a “Day-Use” fee available.  For Members who have out-of-town guests visiting, simply have them bring a valid ID that proves they are visiting from 50 Miles or more away – they can come with your for FREE.  Five Oaks has a strict 10 Guest Maximum – Please contact the Five Oaks Office if you wish to host an event during the week with more than 10 Guests.

POOL PARTIES: Five Oaks has a strict 10 guests/day policy.  We are not staffed to accommodate large parties without notice.  We do not rent the pool area for private functions.  Contact the Five Oaks Office if you are interested in hosting a group that will exceed 10 guests and we may be able to accommodate you during regular hours on a weekday.   Pool events scheduled during a weekday will require additional staff and that expense will be passed on to the booking member – be sure to contact the Five Oaks Office well in advance of your party to ensure that we are able to staff appropriately and to ensure that another party is not scheduled at the same time.  Any parties that have not been approved through the Five Oaks Office and filed appropriate forms, will be turned away at the pool gate.



Why we have the 10-Guest Maximum Rule
Why we have the 10-Guest Maximum Rule



Stay tuned to the Events page for updated information regarding newly formed pool events…