Pool Opening 2010 & Pool Policy Reminders

We fully expect to have our pool open and ready for Members by May 27th.  Stay tuned to emails and signage at the pool for updates about openeing earlier or later than that date.  We will have all new staff this summer, so please be patient as we transition the new crew. 

FIVE OAKS POOL POLICY REMINDERS:  Remember that every Member 16 years of age and older MUST have an access card when visiting any of the Five Oaks Facilities.  All Members under 16 years of age MUST be accompanied by an adult at all times while visiting Five Oaks.  Non-Members must be accompanied by a Member with an access card and there is a $5.00 fee for non-members payable at the Five Oaks Office or at the Pool Check-In station during the Summer Months.   Five Oaks has a strict policy that Members are limited toa maximum of 10 swimming guests per day – we are not staffed appropriately to manage unexpected large parties at the pool.  If you wish to have a larger event at the pool, contact the Five Oaks Office for options.


You will notice that we replaced the large red & white “No Trespassing” sign that used to be up along Clubhouse Drive.  In the past month we have had over ten instances of non-member  individuals and groups coming to use our tennis courts, basketball courts and fishing pond for their recreational enjoyment.  Many of the violators claimed not to know that the facilities were private.  Now there is no question.

Please know that as much as we dislike placing such signs up, this was done in an effort to keep our members safe and to ensure the enjoyment of all of our facilities by our dues-paying members.  Our new courtesy officer has been doing a great job in monitoring our grounds and checking membership and he will now have full leverage to enforce our policy.

Josh Lindgren, General Manager

New Courtesy Officer at Five Oaks!

Welcome new Five Oaks Club Resident Justin Anderson!  You may remember Justin as the Five Oaks Pool Manager from 2003-2006!  Justin’s actually lived in Five Oaks as a young lad with his parents and just can’t get enough.  He lived on Pin Oak for the past two years and when we asked him if he would be willing to fill the space that was recently vacated by our previous courtesy officer,  Justin accepted.  

While Justin does not have any BLET training or other “Security” training, he is very familiar with the property (especially pool operations) and will actually be volunteering in the office on occaision to help out with the operational duties of Five Oaks.  Please welcome Justin back, and do not hesitate to knock on his door if you have  questions or concerns related to the Five Oaks Recreational Association!  We are happy to have Justin back on-site!

Justin will not be on-site 24/7 – If you have a true security emergency, please dial 911 first – Then try to find Justin.